Music with A4/DN/AR/OT (& friends)

(renamed this thread to gather all my jams in one place as per a mod request)

So I’m still trying to learn how to use the OT.
This time I’m mostly using it as a sample player/fx box (created some stems in Logic Pro then exported to OT). I like the slider a lot haha.
Digitone is sequencing the Sub and Rev2 for bass (double bass as it sounded nice to my hears).

my singing could be better but that damn guitar arpeggio is taking all my brain power…


Uploaded my jam of the week (a bit late):

It’s Elektron heavy but I use each gear at 20% of what they can really do haha.

A4: pad/shaker
OT: rimshot/claps/ride/sample mangler for weird SFX with trig prob
DN: Kick/percs/pad
Minitaur: Minitaur
Prophet rev2: ending pad

My first take was better but didn’t think to take a video, too bad ha.


in my OT series I guess?
I live sample my vocal by recording it on T1 and then play the buffer with different trigs/fx from T1 to T4. T8 is a master track, T5-7 are for the beat. Used the slider to mangle my vocals at the very end.

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no OT for this one but DN is doing it all.


Nice job! Not usually a big fan of vocals, but it adds a nice touch and it’s nice seeing you play live and multitask.

A bit reminiscent of Thom Yorke’s last works (Anima and such), which I guess is an inspiration.



I know it’s a bit harder to get people to listen to this kind of music with vocals (if you don’t like the voice then everything is doomed haha) so thank you for giving it a try! really appreciated!

As for Thom Yorke, yeah, I do listen to Radiohead and his solo work a lot even though i’m far from being that talented (as a singer/ songwriter and instrument player haha) but i’m having fun

Wow, beautiful work, love your YouTube channel. Get that album released!

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Thanks man!
no album as of now but with all these jams I might get something out of it someday.

I should perhaps rename this thread?


What, do you mean the Prophet Rev2 didn’t play a key role in this track? :grinning:

Thought you had a table though? Or is this an older track, cos I was thinking I’ve heard this one before?

You can name the thread ”Best singer on Elektronauts”. :wink: (I do mean that.)


I wouldn’t dare haha
but yeah I thought it might be better to gather all my jams in one thread and changing the title of this one.

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waiting for my AR mkI. Hope it will click this time!
This jam didn’t get much love even though I tried a Matthew Bellamy at the very end. I guess people got bored way before ha.

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I’ve listened to the track a couple of times before and REALLY like the verse, in particular. One of the most beautiful vocal melodies from you, methinks. The instrumental sections are ace as well. Had to listen to it again to remind myself of the Bellamy at the end. :wink:

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Thank you man!
Glad to hear you liked the melody line of the verses!
I was happier with the chorus but my very first version had a lower vocal harmony that was adding some variations the YT version is missing I guess. Might come back to it one day if I can remember where the DN/A4 patterns are haha

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When I bought the AR the first time I didn’t really get it. The added VCO is really nice and now that I also enjoy fooling aound with samples, it’s even better. muting/unmuting tracks with pads is really, idk, satisfying haha (unlike the DN…) and performance macros with velocity pressure should be fun,

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my only jam without vocals (well, I did add some cheesy lyrics to go with the cheesy music on my cheesy Spotify page haha) but this is what started my “one jam per week” experience.

Using only the DN for jamuary was also a good exercise!

Great stuff! You got lots of potential - one day somebody books you for an upcoming Thom Yorke tour (with some luck :grinning:) you would fit in perfectly!


Thank you man!
“with some luck” yeah haha…


New jam of the week (ok been lazy but you know… life).

The DN is used as a FX box here.
MI Plaits is sequenced with Hermod and is in charge of the main beat.
Morphagene is sampling the beat then playing it in reverse.

I’ve tried to use the SubH sequence for something more than just 4 on the floor (mid jam).


Really love the beat! Nice track overall!

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