Music IO -- Audio and Midi over USB

Has anyone tried this app?


If not, what is everyone else using to get audio out of iPad, into DAW?

Yes and it works pretty well. Latency is an issue. I have an iPad 2 so maybe the newer more capable devices handle better?

Audiomux is another app option but I can’t recommend it as I could not, for the life of me, get it to work at all - even after direct contact with the developer. There was a great article on createdigitalmusic and it looked so promising - maybe it was updated and works better now.

Most of the time I just use a 3.5mm stereo jack out to 1/4" left / right - hook it up to my interface and record L / R to separate tracks.

Audiomux and midimux are great. I’m using midimux all the time to control my alphajuno from the iPad. Tested audiomux a little and both apps are working flawless for me.

I bought the music io app. It was easy to setup and it does work. I can hear noticeable clicks and pop’s though. I put the latency compensation at “high” and it helped.

Seems like there is a big market to fill with apps like this.

It all feels very “beta”. However, they seem to frequently release updates. We’ll see…

It worked quite well with my ipad2, / Win7 with the caveat that some synths performed better than others. Animoog was a problem even with high buffer settings, but others ran fine with very acceptable latency. Even the FX loop works great.

It is still beta, and will only get better…

It feels a bit cumbersome. You have to install a vst/au plugin, OS X server, and app on your iPad.

Anyone using a DI box w/ iPad 3.5mm out?

I wonder if the sound quality is better through lightning than 3.5mm out?

There’s no server on Windows, only the VST, which you simply copy into your VST folder. It’s dead easy to set up in Live.

Hello, anyone uses that app? Their website looks its down and I never received an answer from their support… Anyone knows something?
I would like to download the plugin to let the app to link to the host DAW but I cannot… Anyone has the installer?
Thanks a lot in advance!

are you on mac?

Yes =)

you can stream audio and midi directly over lightning cable without an third party app you know


That’s awesome! I am also sure I tried to find out how on the web, but my search didn’t help for solution.
Can you please point me to a good resource?
Thanks a lot in advance

I think I have found something useful with Ableton’s help articles!

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plug your ipad in, click launchpad and find the app audio MIDI setup, a list of your interfaces etc will show up and your ipad will be on it. click ipad and click enable, now your ipad will show up like any other interface. make an aggregate device with your interface and it will just show up as extra inputs

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But MIDI only WiFi or can I let it travels thru the wire too?

nah you can do midi over the lightning cable. in audio midi setup app press cmd+2, itll open a visual of all your devices. click network ( with the purple sphere icon) and click the name of your ipad then click connect. you can then send midi to whatever you named the session (session 1 by default) from your ipad to your computer or vice versa


I thought Network was for WiFi midi connections.
Thanks a lot for your help!