Music for Isolation Listening Recommendations

I guess, what with so many of us being stuck indoors these days, that there is a lot more time available to listen to music. And I’m definitely doing my share of that as I’m working here… but I’m reaching the point that I’m looking for some fresh recommendations!

But specifically stuff that is decent for in the background that can be tuned into and out of without distractions like vocals, blast beats, anthemic alpha-juno hoovers, etc etc… Not so fussed about genres as I’m as happy with drone, ambient techno, jazz, spacey instrumental rock…

Any recommendations?

This stays on our tv for a few hours a day.

(a playlist)

(A live stream)



I’m out.


dive into the weird and wonderful :slight_smile:

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Great choices! I saw Nils Frahm 3 times in Montreal and was supposed to go at A Winged Victory for the Sullen in April but it was cancelled.

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Only joking…

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