Multiple parameter automation / slide

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to accomplish changing multiple parameters on the MD (SPS-1UW+ Mk II ) in an “automated” fashion. Essentially what I’d like to do is to have, let’s say, a bass drum playing along every 4th beat (in a 64 step pattern). At the beginning of the pattern, the filter and pitch parameters have it sounding very thin and high, and at the end of the pattern, the filter and pitch parameters have it sounding very full and low. I want it to gradually (along a linear slope) change from the start to the end, while still triggering the beats every 4th trig.

I tried using Parameter Slide to accomplish this, but it seems that this only works between two trigs - and to actually hear any kind of “slide” you need to have a sound that has some decay time to it. In this scenario my bass has almost no decay, so there is no audible slide. And… if I try to slide from trig 1 to 61 (the first & last trig), there is also no slide and no changing of the parameters… the second trig (trig 5) stops the slide altogether.

I’ve read that I might be able to accomplish this with an LFO, but am not sure how? I also thought that maybe the CTR-8P machine would be helpful, but I don’t see a way to control all 8 (or even 2) parameters at the same time (which I presume I would then be able to accomplish my goal by manually sweeping in realtime record mode).

Is something like this possible with just the MD, or would I need to put the automation in a DAW like Ableton?

Also… since I am also a budding A4 and OT user - do those devices have the capability to accomplish this feat? (It appears that the A4 can through the use of the Performance mode and realtime record).


If the sounds are too short to notice the slide, then nothing you do is going to make them sound like they are sliding, right? Or am I misunderstanding you?

You can do it with an LFO if you set the LFO to the paramater you want to slide and then set the speed of the lfo to match the time you want.

You could also do it with a ctrl 8p by using slides on that track, instead of the sound track.

Could you not hit Record and Play and record the change in manually?

Yeah, basically I don’t really want a “slide”, what I want is for the params to change over time, so each subsequent trig that plays sounds slightly different than the one before. This is doable using plocks on each trig, but is tedious to do for 16 trigs with 2 or 3 params each (especially if you want a nice uniform change). I guess if I don’t mind it not being absolutely perfect I could just be quick about making the changes. As for realtime record, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to tweak more than one or two params at a time (one knob for each hand) with the MD? I guess I could do it in multiple takes tho…

Sounds like a job for the Octatrack’s crossfade between scene’s function (scene stacking I believe they call it)

Use LFOs :slight_smile: