Multiple elektron devices into USB hub over OB2?


OB 2 is working pretty nicely on my Windows, except for the initial glitchyness and weird pitched sounds usually when first pressing play on a sequence sent to the devices.

I was wondering about other people’s experiences with this? Specifically should I be avoiding all the devices being connected to a USB hub (non-Elektron)?

I read the hub was only an issue for OB1, and the elektron USB hub countered that issue.

I’m wondering if I’ll get better performance by using the elektron hub with OB 2?

The glitch at the start sounds like a latency problem and it shouldn’t happen,
it doesn’t do that on my setup
I don’t think overhub is necessary but I bought one anyway because it’s tested to work with overbridge…
I did have a problem using a different hub that is built into my soundcard though so some hubs can cause problems,

Try plug directly into computer see if that stops the glitches

If you have bought some expensive Elektron gear might as well get the hub 🤷

Yeah, I’ll try to test it going straight into USB port.

Regarding the glitches, maybe it’s latency but after it settles there is no perceptible lag. I thought it was just a quirk of OB being in beta still. It’s like the plugin needs time to catch up to the clocking and tempo. But if yours is perfect that tells me it can work better.

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