Multi-Trig Mode

As I’ve been exploring different ways to use my Elektrons, I decided to finally look at the multi-trig mode last night. From what I can tell, this basically turns the MNM into something of a multitimbral monophonic synth, with the ability to transpose all sequences simultaneously, with further ability to alter the re-triggering of the sequence and transposition time; furthermore, you can have independent sequences and arps to trigger other tracks. Is this correct? In the time I spent it certainly seemed to turn the Mono into something else, much more like a digital modular system (doubly so when using Ableton Live/Push), but it also seems easy to fall into total chaos. Sadly, it seems like this feature is rarely utilized, as the only real mention I’ve found outside the manual is on an old E-U thread. Is anyone else using multi-trig mode that has some tips and tricks?

Really? Nobody has used the multi-trig mode that wishes to chime in? Peter Hanes, wherefore art thou? :joy:

Why me? :confused:

I’ve dabbled with MULTI TRIG mode in the past. I wouldn’t say it’s analogous to a modular set-up, although it can certainly do some mad things.

It is good for super-thick textures and sound effects, and the SPLIT and SEQ options are fun for live play. I seem to remember doing some V-Synth/Variphrase-like stuff with the SEQ TRNSP mode.

Because you seem to posses all of the esoteric Elektron knowledge. :joy:
This feature of the machine is so little documented, I figure if anyone here would know about it, it would be you.
The part that made me think of the modular aspect was using tracks to trig other tracks, but I do see what you mean.

I have zero esoteric Elektron knowledge!

I actually think that the manual is pretty good in describing what MULTI TRIG and MULTI ENV do, and they are fairly simple concepts.

The MM manual is full of handy tips; just search for the word “interesting”.

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I’ve used it live a few times, I set up a keyboard with a split, I have multi trig set to transpose, and have the upper part set to a lead, i set the transpose of all the tracks i don’t want to transpose via trig to ‘fixed’ including the lead part.

then you have a one button custom arp/bassline on the bottom half of the keyboard, with leads. it’s pretty great. I need to use it more.


I’m having trouble accessing multi-trig mode. As far as I can tell from the manual I just go into the menu and select it? I can’t get it to make it do anything?


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There is copious information about Multi Trig mode in the MM manual, although it is spread out in different places: best search the PDF version.

To try it out, make a pattern with trigs on at least step 1 of all tracks and very different synth sounds on all tracks.

In KIT > MULTI > MULTI MODE menu, choose “All Trk”.

Attach a MIDI keyboard or sequencer to the MIDI In port of the MM. Send MIDI Notes to the MM on the Multi Trig channel that is set in the GLOBAL > CONTROL > MIDI CHANNELS menu.

Set sensible values for the Multi Env ADSR amp envelope.

Basically what you have is a massive, 6-layer monosynth.

Caution: as with most aspects of the MM, you may then need to spend a further few weeks trying out all the options that Multi Trig mode provides you.


AHHHH! I was trying send the multi mode via sequencer lreys! It all makes sense now! Thank you so much, @PeterHanes!


Can it be done with the midi cable loop?