Multi-channel MIDI routing question


Hey guys, maybe someone can help me out here. I’m thinking about a Blofeld + Linnstrument combo for my next major purchase. I’d like to sequence the Blofeld from the Octatrack and play it with the Linnstrument at the same time. However, I don’t know the MIDI side of the OT very well, so I’m not sure if this routing would work:

  • Routing: LinnStrument > Octatrack > Blofeld
  • Octatrack auto channel set to 9, all audio track receive channels set to OFF
  • 8 MIDI tracks sending on channels 1-8
  • Blofeld in multi mode receiving on 1-8
  • LinnStrument preset 1: send on channel 9 for live-recording into the sequencer
  • LinnStrument preset 2: send on channels 4-8 for playing the Blofeld in a hacky approximation of MPE

Basically—if I send a MIDI message on channel 4, will the Octatrack route it through to channel 4 on the Blofeld automatically? And if the OT is recording and I send messages on channel 4, will it record that to the appropriate MIDI track even if it’s not the active track?

Thanks everyone!


i think another elektron user posted here recently about a similar scenario, mentioning this is not possible on the Octatrack, whereas on the Monomachine it is possible to achieve.

Octatrack is all about the active Track, and what channel that Track is on, when it comes Midi Tracks.

In other words, i don’t think the OT does realtime multitrack Midi recording. I might be incorrect though as have not tried this before, just going on what the other guy said. They seemed knowledgeable.


the QY700 does multitrack Midi recording.
And importantly has dual Midi Ins and Outs to make syncing and keyboard input recording very doable.

Octatrack-> QY700 Midi In A (QY700 syncs to this input)
Linnstrument-> QY700 Midi In B (QY700 multitrack records to this input)

QY700 Midi Out A-> Blofeld
QY700 Midi Out B-> Linnstrument


Thanks @previewlounge! That confirms what I thought about multitrack recording. However, will it at least pass the notes through? e.g. if the LinnStrument sends on MIDI channel 1, and no audio track is receiving on on channel 1, will the OT forward that to the Blofeld? I guess I’m looking for soft thru behavior.


Yes, the Octatrack will pass notes thru on multiple channels at once (despite only recoding the active channel), though I don’t think the arp works unless it is the active channel.


An update, in case someone else with the same question finds this thread:

Yep, the routing works beautifully! MIDI tracks on the OT are assigned to channels 1-8 on the Blofeld. Blofeld is in Multi mode with parts 1-4 pointing to the same patch (for MPE-like expression) and parts 5-8 assigned to other things. MIDI recording only seems to work on the OT auto channel, but that works fine for recording the non-MPE parts.

Additional note: if you want to free up some tracks on the OT, you could also use a MIDI interface or merger to combine signals from the OT/LI and send the merged signal to the Blofeld. I’ve tested this with the iConnectivity mio4 and it works.


I have a similar setup, good info in this thread! I grasp the concepts of MIDI quite well, but I’m having trouble thinking of a routing for my setup that includes MPE.

Currently I have a Linnstrument, Octatrack, Analog Four and a Mixface. I’m probably going to buy a proper poly in the future, preferably with some kind of MPE support and at least 8 channels of polyphony.

These are my current and probable future routing needs:

  • OT sends transport and clock to A4 and poly
  • OT sends program changes to A4
  • OT sequences poly (8 channels)
  • Mixface controls track levels (and possibly other track parameters) on A4 and OT (5 + 8 channels, including the FX channel on A4)
  • Linnstrument plays A4 and poly (4 + potentially 16 channels but at least 8)
  • Linnstrument records to OT

So there are a couple of problems here. First of all, Mixface can only send on one channel at a time, while controlling levels on the Elektron boxes requires sending CC messages on multiple channels. Also since MPE takes up a lot of channels, I can’t really use channels for differentiating between devices. I will quickly run out of them.

Clearly I need some kind of a MIDI processor to solve the Mixface problem, and solving the MPE problem probably means getting something with switchable routings? Or is there some way to route this stuff to avoid changing routings on the fly? My head hurts :smiley:

Oh, and I don’t want to buy a laptop for this, so any solution would have to be standalone.


Concerning midi processors, you can map certain CCs to orther CCs with different channel, not sure if if that what you want.

Sequencer allowing MPE, hence several channels recording : MPC 1000 with JJOS, MIDIREX (?) , Cirklon (patience and money saving!) …

@Supercolor_T-120, having Linnstrument, can give you advices I think. Check this thread :
Octatrack and MPE?