MPC Thread : MPC Live - MPC X - MPC One

Looks legit -


That’s interesting… i watch about MPC Touch if this one is released depending the price i should jump on it

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Yes standalone touch could be cool.

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Hopefully there will also be a JJ ready to fix the OS and make it good…


Okay, let’s hope something is coming up the road. Could also be a prototype, which might not be supposed for production, or an image by an 3D artist :wink:

I would prefer to have more audio outputs. Four is okay but six or eight would be great. There should be a 6.35mm headphone output on the front. And TBO … I like the uncluttered MPC layout of old days very much … big dial, transport section, banks section etc. Those could be handed blind foldet … after a while. Touch screen is nice for sample or sequencer work, but no flimsy rubber buttons please. Maybe there could be follow ups for MPC 3000/4000/5000 like machines too?

Oh sweet christmas yes!

This is what I need to sell my Moog for!

  • Battery powered for jamming/sampling on the road
  • works like an MPC touch when tethered to a computer
  • 2 USB host ports for connecting USB midi controllers (hopefully standalone)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • SSD supported
  • 6 assignable outputs (balanced? quickstart guide mentions TRS)
  • 7" touchscreen (like on the MPC touch huh?)

I’d imagine the workflow that marketing is trying to pull will be something along the lines of “build a beat on the road. Arrange & mix ITB. Export back into standalone for playing gigs without the computer”. Seems to obvious anyway.

Assuming Akai doesn’t abandon this one before the OS is bugfree & stable, this is looking like a champ!

Too early to know if I can sell my 4k, but my 1k is sweating a lil by now :panda:


JJ only does OS’es for 1k/2k5, since those are the models he worked on while working at Akai (and the internal hardware is pretty much identical between the two). I doubt he could do anything with the new ones?

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I know, I was just joking about the usual state of Akai’s OS…


Yep, this would be a replacement for the 1k. I hope that the sequencer will have a resolution of more then 96 ppqn. Should be at least twice as much … 192 ppqn.

Pretty sure the seq resolution will be adequate. Modern producers need their trap rolls to be on point :diddly:

With 2 gigs of RAM, I hope good round robin implementation will be onboard. Wouldn’t say no to a looper either, although this eill never replace the :elot: for me.

As for the MIDI sequencer, all I care about is that duplicating loop lenghts on the fly work well. This is the biggest shortcoming of the 1k IMO, and prevents building longer loops/sections from 1-bar loop seeds on the fly without stopping.

The price is a mystery to me. It cannot be too cheap or it will piss on the MPC touch. But too expensive and it will stay on the shelves. Hmm


Looks kinda tasty but it’s too late for me - already spent the $$ on the OT.

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If the box is the same dimensions as an elektron this is attractive … much bigger and it is moving beyond tidy desk/lap use for my needs.
Rechargeable internal lithium battery is great.

I’m amazed it has taken Akai so long to wake up to people wanting a standalone machine. Hopefully they are learning from JJOS feature set; with dual midi ports sequencing must be a core feature. I wonder will they have decent filters and DSP and if very big storage is an option.

Anyway Namm (January) and Music Mess (April)
We cool for Christmas everything comes after :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the quick start guide, it has a “User-expandable 2.5” SATA drive connector (SSD or HDD)”.

From the Manual: Dimensions (width x depth x height) 16.7” x 8.8” x 2.7” (424 x 224 x 69 mm)

MPC Live Manual

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Curious about this new MPC but the 2500 is still a very nice machine to me.
Used it a lot for doing breakbeats, creating loops, hip hop.

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Perfect ! I send an email at Akai Pro to know if it’s really upcoming product … let’s see what they will say in return

Thanks @Callofthevoid to let me know that rocking news

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MPC Touch price drop… for christmas. Probably a sign that MPC Live should announced at NAMM in January.


I’d be a total liar if I said I’m not excited by this news!
Always liked the touch but with a pc I’m not into it so much.
Now maybe finally what the world has been waiting for!



A polyphonic sampler/midi sequencer with total vst control and standalone?!?!
Im in!!!