MPC Thread : MPC Live - MPC X - MPC One (Part 2)

…Ha I forgot I made that silly post.I always wanted to try that one but it looked a bit wierd.ive had (still got an OG404) a few SPs from this era and they all sounded interesting.The SP808 is a pretty deep machine too.there’s something a bit tape like with the compression/character….

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Yeah, the old SPs have their own sonic character, didn’t save a WAV but used some other format.

The 606 has kind of interesting effects (2 at once, with knobs), audio ins, and its own sound color. I just never clicked with the sound the way I did with the MPC 4000, MPC Live, and Digitakt (each of which sounds different). One of these years, I will probably donate the sp505 and get the 606 up on Reverb, but there’s no rush; 606 is worth a little, 505 isn’t.


Like Jupiter!

The Force just got updated to OS 3.3.0 which gave us 3/5 of the free Air plugins: multi-tap delay, chorus & the vintage filter. I was messing with the filter but it was meh… still early in testing phase but I was wondering what’s you MPC guys opinions & tips on the filter?

I love it.

Works really good on drums.

I figured it was time for a dedicated thread on the topic of Push vs MPC so I created one.


Holy cow! I keep forgetting this thing existed but then it comes back in my purview.
I almost got one of those second hand for cheap several years ago but I decided to read reviews before I laid the money down.

I almost want one now just for history’s sake

It would be cool if they’d let people JJOS that batch! Get some custom skins & we’re good to go.

Would also be cool if I could play GTA on it, while were on the subject of wishmaking!

I used my free plugin for the OPx4 and I picked up the Fabric Collection & Organ for the black friday sale.

Probably won’t bother with anything else though as most synths can do a decent model D and I have a Roland Aerophone Pro that does enough Juno sort of stuff.

Thanks a bunch for your impressions so far!

I’m still 100% invested in mpc and I’m not jumping ship, but I’m also using ableton a lot so that’s why I’m interested in the P3s as an addition. I’m considering to offload some (most other) gear to fund it now that it’s on sale, because it’s not cheap… :sweat:

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OPx-4 is possibly the most underrated vst synth in all of MPC and Hardware.

So complex but very rewarding.

Where did you see the Black Friday sale for MPC?


Master troll at work. Complaining about people’s legitimate criticisms. Complaining about people’s legitimate feature requests & discussions. Ridiculing contributions that aren’t your own…BUT…your own “contributions” show you are the very thing you’re complaining about with little substance at all. Either you’re trolling or your attitude is just unacceptable, either way I’ll stop taking you seriously in any manner and will mute you from now on.


I purchased from the AIR Music Tech website:

Which seems to show diff prices than the MPC store.


oh yeah, that’s how I scored a bunch of AIR plugins for MPC standalone for peanuts in November 2022. I simply went to the AIR site instead of the Akai one.


Just a heads up for folks purchasing from AIR, they are selling vsts that don’t work on macOS Monterey and beyond.
I purchased several synths like Boom, Drumsynth 500, Loom 2 (which I fricking loved) and others that still don’t work on Silicon shortly before I upgraded my old mac laptop.
To be fair, I got Loom 2 working for a bit on one of my Silicon Macs but it eventually stopped working in Logic.
I’ve written them about it and all they say is “we are working on it”.
It’s been at least 2 years since they’ve been “working on it”.

EDIT: Just to clarify, some of the vsts do work in “Rosetta” mode but not all of them. Can’t remember which, but I didn’t buy a brand new mac to cripple it’s speed by running Logic in Rosetta mode.

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Here is there current compatibility chart:

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Because I’m that kinda guy, I just chatted with them again… no updates


Tried the remaining plugins to see if I’d like them.

  • Studio Strings - This actually has some interesting legato/portamento controls and I think with enough tweaking I could get some fiddle style effects going. Aftertouch > Volume was working pretty nicely with the wind controller provided dynamics was set to 0.
  • Jura - This is pretty terrible for modulation and I wasn’t really liking the sound.
  • Mini D - I was able to get aftertouch going on it for modulation so against my better judgment I picked it up though it’s a bit weird for modulation (much like the Model D).

I suppose if I was thinking more ahead I could have ended up with the instrument collection bundle and used my One+ voucher for the Mini D but this stuff wasn’t on sale when I got it and I wanted that OPx4.

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Also if you do purchase, keep the activate plugins window open in preferences and then hit refresh when done.

I find if the MPC is offline when the purchase happens I needed to login again.