MPC Thread : MPC Live - MPC X - MPC One (Part 1)

No they export the individual track as well. I use that a lot. It’s a really nice upgrade to the MPCs.

I go track by track, but if I wanted to explode a program I would do that first before arranging my song.

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Cool thanks!

Another thing about the autosampler: I just learned that the MPC ignores any automation of envelope parameters of a program (keygroup or samples). You can seemingly assign it using the q-link Learn feature and it properly labels the q-link as eg “Amp Decay”, but nothing happens with the underlying parameter when you twist the knob.

Does anyone know of this is a known bug (or, I suppose, a documented feature request)? Seems weird that it would display the recorded q-link Learn setting while ultimately ignoring it in the end.

Having the ability to alter the envelopes (filter, amp, pitch) of a program in a song would make the autosampler much more useful and more like an actual synth.

Until this is possible, I guess there’s a reason not to abandon the external synth once autosampling is complete in case the song needs changes to env parameters dynamically in a song. So, the audio track recording workflow still applies at the final phases of a song in some cases. :blush:

Really? Wow, I didn’t know this. I could have sworn I have automated decay before in a program.

Envelopes can also be automated, but this is not practical because you have to write automation for each keygroup-range.

I’ve pretty much convinced myself to get a Live 2 as my last gear purchase before swearing off for a year (Happy NoGear New Year!). I have a couple of things on my mind:

  • What case seems best/do people use - Analog UNISON looks good? It’s definitely going to get taken on holidays so needs a decent case. Magma CTRL also looks decent.
  • What SSD do people recommend for storage upgrade.
  • How are people recording vocals or location samples into this - mic & DI, or field recorder/SD card. Obviously if you come up with some good grooves and someone is right there and willing to add some vocals, then a mic straight into the MPC is most convenient?

Magma CTRL is a nice one, - fits the psu, and extras (smaller headphones) i can recommend it.


I’ve got a 1TB Samsung one but haven’t got around to installing it yet… and I will tell ya why….

I picked up one of these Arcanite USB sticks… super fast, really small and light… so it enables me to shift it between various devices and have access to the same sample library (plus a host of other files).

I have 2x Live 2’s, so it lets me move seamlessly between them, plus I can work in MPC Software on the same projects/files just on my laptop.
It also houses the ‘Synths’ file for the MPC so no need for an SD card either these days.

ARCANITE 512GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive, USB Memory Stick, optimal read speeds up to 400 MB/s

Anyway you would normally record vocals and transfer… the Live 2 is not designed to take in vocals/mics, but is brilliant at dealing with the resulting files.

I have a Zoom h4n that I use for quick recordings I need, then throw it’s SD card into the MPC.

Or, with the USB Class Compliant audio in place, you can attach any compliant mixer/interface and have it show up in the MPC I/O options.

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Thanks, that’s smart!

Yes, I have a Tascam DR40 for field recording etc. I use a SM58 through a mixer into Octatrack at home for any vocals (usually shouting), was just thinking ahead of a way to run this through MPC but perhaps not!

Well it would work exactly the same with the MPC as it would your Octatrack… plus there are vox specific FX in the MPC these days that are supposed to be good (as long as a whole bunch of other FX).

Yes I’ve read those are good, I’m looking forward to trying them out.

I just took delivery of the Analog Cases case and I love it. Enough room for the PSU and the device. Very sturdy, not too heavy.

I usually have another bag for headphones, Microfreak, laptop, or whatever I feel like bringing along with the Live 2 so I didn’t need anything with extra storage.

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Mpc live and Microfreak are my combo too.


It is a really great combo, although my Live 2 was sending out some phantom MIDI CCs last night to the MF and driving me bonkers. A restart fixed it…?

Would urge caution with this characterization. Not all interfaces are working, in fact, it seems many are not, so people should do some research before making purchases, etc.


Yeah the only one I have heard that works are some of the Tascams. There may be a few more, but it’s not a long list from what I have seen.

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I’ve got the hump with my MPC Live today - I was merrily sampling away for the Christmas beat battle and all of a sudden the touch screen won’t let me zoom in or scroll. It seemed to be constantly registering a finger press - I could have saved the project but I was so pissed off I just sampled everything into Ableton Live and turned off the Live. Problem is, I can’t use Ableton Live to produce hip hop, I can’t seem to make it happen! So I’m going to have to persevere I think.

Are you really sure it’s possible? I did try the per-keygroup automation and that didn’t work either, here.

Have you got MPC Software?? Try running your Live in controller mode and see if it still happens there?

I know what you mean about Ableton, it’s just not Hip Hop at all… It’s just for techno.

And I, sir, would urge caution in your cautioning of my characterisation… I will bid you adieu…

Fair enough, I’ve not really checked many out myself, just a Focusrite 18i20 I had spare, that worked fine, but I didn’t actually use it in the end… I mainly use the Live 2 speaker. :partying_face: