MPC live with Digitakt

Hi! Anyone using and MPC Live with the Digitakt? Curious what the benefits are if you are. I’m toying with dawless and wondering if they are complimentary in that environment. I’ve had the Live for a while. Kinda love hate it. Curious to see if I can vibe on the digitakt I just got.


I was just going to ask the same question re an MPC1000 and DT/OT, lol.

I own all four, an MPC Live, MPC 1000 with JJOSXL, a Digitakt and an Octatrack but would be interested in how people combine one of the Akai devices with their Elektron sampler(s) (i.e. your workflow).

if you connect them via MIDI the mpc live should be connected as master

Hi, these are my two tracks which I performed live on Electronic Music Open Mic event at Hop Inn in Swindon, using Elektron Digitakt and Akai MPC Live. Digitakt is playing drums section and few human voice samples, synth parts are coiming from MPC Live.


Sounds great! Do you use both when writing? Can the MPC trigger pattern changes?

I originally worked on the beat on Digitakt, there was a 10-13 patterns all together for each track. Then I stared to work on synth and rest of the sounds on MPC Live using onboard synth and Access Virus C sequenced via MPC. MPC is great for sequencing Virus via these velocity sensitive pads! Then I sampled long 8-16 bar parts of Virus into MPC and I made 13 sequences on MPC 4-32 bar long depends on pattern master length on Digitakt. As far as I know MPC can trigger pattern changes on Digitakt but I didn’t figured this out yet. In this performance I was changing patterns and sequences manually.