MPC Live & MPC X

have you tried FULL LEVEL? that gives fixed 0 and 127 values at least… works also in the stepseq

Yeah, need to digg in to 2.6 and force 3.0.3 = so far looking good!

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Wow.sounds great I’ve never really used the onboard much automation did you use

k wait…this is just a software update?
I don’t see a new firmware anywhere. :confused:

super weird…on the support page it shows there is a 2.6 firm update. but I can’t find the link to the firm anywhere. :confused:

The Firmware Update 2.6 can be found somewhere in the middle of the list, not on top of it. Of course, you have to logged in your Akai Account.


shiiiiiiit…I see that now. dude, how SLOPPY. someone needs to show them organization and how to clean up their website…AND their demo vids. the page layout that is depicted firmware update vid is NOTHING like the actual website. SLOP!

thanks for pointing it out.

nice update. wish they would add wrap around nudge.


Right. Their page is just all over the place. And wouldn’t a firmware just be official for anyone?

Something odd about AKAI.

Really enjoying 2.6! I wasn’t even that interested in Automation lanes and the features I want most (multitimbral support + track shortcuts) are still nowhere to be found…and yet, I have to acknowledge that Akai has evolved & continues to evolve the MPC Live in a manner that is somewhat impressive, especially given how terrible Akai usually is!

The MPC Live is a great sampler, an increasingly powerful sequencer and an awesome finger drumming device. And it can be a great tool for live application if one uses it for what it does well (quick sampling, finger drumming, additional sequencing).

It also took me a little to get used to the user interface, but it’s starting to be fun now and fairly quick to use.

All to say that I think the MPC Live/X get bashed for not fulfilling expectations because they didn’t at first…but now they do a lot / more than most stand-alone samplers on the marketplace, can compete with many stand-alone linear sequencers, and provide the best finger drumming experience out there…some of the expectations that rest on these machines are plain silly - I’ve seen people bash the X/Live because they effectively are not Ableton Live in a box.


People used to say that about the Octatrack, too, that whole “Ableton Live in a box” thing, and I just don’t get it :woman_shrugging: People just need to let Ableton Live be Ableton Live, and make music on their hardware if they want to do it that way, and leave it at that.

That said, I only use my MPC in standalone mode, as that’s what I bought it for. It works pretty great for this, imo.


After a few days trying my luck at this, I’ve had a lot of fun, made a few interesting patches but I have to say, I can’t replicate these sounds by myself. In all honesty, it’s probably because I should spend even more time with Tubesynth…
Still, can I beg for pointers/screenshots/pictures/MPC programs to reverse engineer your technique ? :diddly:


All credit to Akai… no moaning from me. The update is great. Love automating stuff. I think certain gestures work really well with touch screens, drawing in automation is one of them, xy pad is another. It’s not the box I payed for back whenever, it’s even better, what with the new pluggins (especially the e-paino, for me) new effects, automation etc.
Being able to record track mutes is really really sweet too.
Got to like the box you’ve got in front of you instead of wishing someone’ll bring out your dream box… whenever


Bit of a technical question here.
I want to use the pads on my MPC Live to trigger drum racks in Ableton Live.
So far I haven’t found a way to be able to do this over USB MIDI. The only way I’ve managed is over DIN cable and using an outgoing MIDI track on the MPC.
But since I’m allowed to use the MPC as an audio interface it would be great to just bring my USB cable with my laptop to play drums in Ableton Live.
Mind you, I’m not interested in the MPC software or plugin in this scenario, only in using the MPC as an ordinary MIDI controller.

Any help?

I’m uploading a small video of the patch and automations in action, not sure I can sync the video to audio properly, but should give you an idea.

Plus consider that while I had a good starting idea (Automate filter and amp envelopes to create a kick and bass feel) there was a huge dose of just fucking around and luck…


The MPC Live or X do not send midi out via USB. No idea why…


that’s a bummer! thanks for the swift reply.

Here it is, you should be able to see the settings on each page and later all the automation lanes.


Yea. I gotta say. For what this is, and can do, it’s pretty cool. It’s a lot of fun.

And you can unplug it from the wall and work anywhere. Love it right now

This update has opened up a lot liveliness to my tracks in a unexpected way. I wouldn’t quite put it up there with Elektron p-locking but there are endless possibilities just with the insane amount of options that are available. Every synth, sample and fx parameters can be automated. It’s freaking amazing!


Is anyone using 2.6 for CC automating a lot of outboard MIDI gear? Interested to know how the MIDI CC performance is like… Once I have time to get back to the MPC, this is going to be my first priority.

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Wow, thanks a lot, I’ll get to trying it as soon as I get off work :star_struck:

You just described my sound design process… Besides, the talent resides also in recognizing good sounds coming out of experimentation, doesn’t it ? :wink:

I wanted automation lanes since the first time I made music with the MPC, and this update is finally opening up the machine to endless possibilities as Geneoart eloquently put it, I never thought Akai would provide us access to everything including Sends & Inserts but I think the way they implemented automation lanes is actually quite clever.
I still need to test ALS export but if it’s usable, it will be a very welcome bonus :hugs:

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