MPC Live & MPC X

The efficiency of the export depends on how well it makes loops, if I have a sequence with reverb and the exported clip starts from the start only, then it’s useless.
Let’s hope it’s nice.

Looking forward to step edit fun on the built in synths…

Hmmm. That does sound (on the surface) like something to do with the data pattern. Could be hardware or software - like you say.

…but could be a hardware problem with a software work-around. I’ve done a fair few of those in my software-engineering days. :slightly_smiling_face:

F@ck yeaaaah, automation lanes!

Brb, selling all my stuffs to buy an MPC


Make your export loops 1 or 2 bars longer

There’s ways around that :thinking:


I’m sure you can export pre effects then add reverb in Ableton. Maybe if it’s a dynamic reverb you can resample and make sure your loops are correct before transfer.

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oooh, lovely update

Is it just me or are they making it seem like it’s already released? What’s the hold up?

The word on the street is - release before this coming weekend.

(That word being from one of the people who produced one of the 2.6 YouTube vids).

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Nice. Wish they would add…

  • assign LFO to q-links
  • CC for all q-links :slight_smile:
  • wrap around nudge. Dont like how it hits the wall of the sequence.
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What?! Still no Overbridge??!!



Release date for 2.6?

people on GS are saying 2.6 should drop within 2 days. Lets hope! Really looking forward to this one :nyan:


Log into your Akai Pro account…now :slight_smile:


That’s just the software… firmware still isn’t available.

EDIT: Now I see it :slight_smile:

I tested the ALS export. It works, but the audio had glitches and two different tracks transposed onto one another. Like the beginning of 1 clip ad the audio of another - strange

Also, I’m not feeling the step automation. It’s hard to get a value back to zero with your finger. Maybe there’s another way to zero out a step?

For the ALS support, I’m seeing a bug update

Now we just need Dropbox support :smiley: Would sure be nice to be able browse Splice also… !

One single instance of Tubesynth and step automations:

I do like my MPC Live.
I liked it before, now it’s like BOOM!


please, don’t :man_farmer:

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I guess you can make changes to the step automation with the Q-links. Awesome


Love your patch, sounds dope :star_struck:
In fact, I still have a hard time tubesynth is capable of sounds like these, I need to give those internal synths another go !