MPC Live & MPC X


I just picked up a Digitone, my first Elektron device.

This thing is already so inspiring and so much more letting me get at “my” sound (retro-future sci-fi dance) in an immediate tactile way that the thought of all that touch-screen DAW-like menu diving with my MPC Live just to get arguably more sterile results is making me kind of nauseous.

Now I finally get why so many people rave about Electron gear and its workflows. The Digitone just “clicks” with me in ways other synths or sequencers never have. The closest I can compare it to is the way I feel about the immediacy of a Circuit or Circuit Mono, but it’s like those boxes we’re just preparing me for a Digitone.


Now that it’s been some time, I’ve seen a few MPC Lives out in the wild used for $750 which seems like a good value.

For DJing, I came across this little tutorial:
It’s not too in depth but shows some capability.

Aside from the no disk streaming (which it seems can be easily managed by just unloading played tracks from RAM), it seems it could be manageable for DJing? The warping sounds solid.

Can anyone out there who has used the Octatrack for DJing compare the experience vs. using the MPC Live for DJing? Pros/Cons of each?



Don’t do it.
Neither the OT or MPC live is a good fit for DJing without a shit ton of prep work, reasons are many…

You’re much better off getting a pair of CDJs and a mixer… or a standalone system like Prime 4 or the Pio… IME

Can both boxes be used for playing records? Yes. But for decent control you are still looking at connecting to an external DJ mixer. If I absolutely had to do it, I’d go OT over MPC live, as there is no disk streaming on the MPC and worrying about purging memory during a set is not my idea of “having fun on stage”…


I agree. I used ableton for djing before and hated it. You lost all the energy and hands on feel of djing.

If you DJ very loopy type music though I can see it working a lot better.


I think it’s totally possible but like the OT it’s all about workarounds and preparation. For me it takes the spontaneity out of DJing, which takes away some of the fun. If you already have an iPad or something else that runs the DJay app, I would highly recommend using the Reloop Mix Tour (or smg similar). It will then free your MPC/OT for other duties.

  • it uses Spotify


Alright, so I finally got around to getting all my Rytm samples together! I didn’t have as much time as I wanted for sampling, but I’m reasonably happy with what I was able to get. The Google Drive link below will download a zip with an MPC project, which has the samples sliced up and put into a few kits. Some have velocity and/or randomized layers, and all have a copy of the kit an octave up on pads B1 to B16, which is something I like doing for transitions and whatnot. It makes it very easy to transpose a kit up an octave in the Grid Editor, to play the kit an actual octave up. There’s a Keygroup Program called Shit Bass. It is shit, please feel free to promptly ignore it :thdw:

I’ve also included a folder called Strictly Samples for anyone without an MPC, but as most of these samples are chains, you’ll probably have to spend some time slicing them yourself.

One sample in this project does not come from the Rytm, it’s called Sine Warble and it’s something I made with the OP1’s FM synth long time ago. It’s a few sine waves with slight phasing and tuning differences. I’ve found it very useful in the MPC and I hope you do too!

Keep in mind these kits are a starting point, just a lil something I whipped together to take advantage of the sample slices and whatnot. They are probably too loud and could use some love, but that’s where you come in. Also worth noting that I don’t make techno or whatever, so these sounds are reasonably dinky. I like my beats kind of dinky, what can I say…

Really hope you enjoy them! Thanks for being an awesome forum, you guys just might make up my favorite spot on the entire interwebs :ecstatic:

PS - I’m kind of new to the MPC paradigm. If you guys have any suggestions about a better way to share the project or these programs, I’m all ears.


Thanks man!


That why you put the change on the last step of the previous bar :wink:

Werks perfect that way

(You can actually put it anywhere on the previous)


but how? i don’t think you can automate midi pattern changes from anywhere in the mpc sequence, except it’s start.


event editor? or is it called list edit

Thanks for sharing the samples, @jurfin !



is it working only through software? cause i can’t insert program change via list edit in standalone…