MPC Live & MPC X


Cool. I hadn’t realized Dan was only here to talk to you, but I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for the rest of my life.

Heaven forbid we talk about the future of the MPC in this MPC thread…


Again, clearly not my point. And, as stated, I can’t stop you from “barraging the man with a bit of a novel” (your words, not mine), or taking my words out of context for that matter.

Hey, there’s no argument as to whether or not the MPC could use a little TLC; but a multitrack, variable speed looper, with pre and post effects chains… Really? If you can’t see how unwarranted that is, I can’t help you. Hell, you even acknowledged of your own volition, in your opening and closing statements, just how unseemly and long-winded your requests were. You don’t find that ironic?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Focus, folks, focus! :wink:



You’ve really opened my eyes to how silly, unwarranted, and unseemly my requests are. Thank you so much John, you really saved the day here.

Have a great day guy.


Have at 'er, bud. Good luck.



I must say that I am really enjoying my MPC Live so far. Lot’s has happened since 2.0 and the changes that have happened up to 2.5 make it a fun and useful machine for me. The synths are decent, the Air effects are nice, and so far I had no crashes or odd behaviour.


I myself have put it to rest after a brief and intense affair. I’m back on the Octatrack now.

It always goes like this. A fling with something else, but then back to the hearth where the OT resides.

Though I always learn something new which I bring with me back. This time, to truly appreciate and put different time signatures per track to proper use.


please, lets not get into bickering mode ok? thanks

IMO everyone is free to express their opinions and wishes on this board as long as personal offense is kept to a minimum. Dan is also free to ignore feature request posts flung at him if he chooses to. Its all good.

I know alot of people want to expand the MPC to become a “killer product” - nothing wrong with that. But personally, right now I think Akai knows what they are doing, there are more important things to do first, and MPC 3 is a big one in this regard. We dont even know what that will bring yet, and they’re already working on it.

  • Multitimrbal MIDI input (being worked on)
  • Disk streaming (being worked on)
  • Automation lanes in standalone (being worked on)
  • New arrangement mode and compatibility with Akai force projects (coming in MPC 3)

Once we have those, then focus can go to more exicitng things (but no need to try to make an MPC into an OT IMO)


Anyone have experienced this?

When i try to change the velocity on the Keygroup Program, i only have 3 velocity levels and the change between this 3 levels are so brutal especially when i change from 119 to 120 that sounds like you change from 75 to 127. Is this normal?

Level 1 : 0-74 Any value in this level sounds the same

Level 2 : 75-119 Any value in this level sounds the same

Level 3 : 120-127 Any value in this level sounds the same

Normally i shouldn’t have 127 levels instead of 3?


Have you parted company with the Mpc, or just going to work without it for a while?


I hear you. To me the Octatrack is such a different animal, I use them in combination when jamming, with the MPC functioning as a super-SP404 there while the Octatrack mangles and FXes everything into oblivion. :slight_smile:

There’s something about that Elektron workflow and its immediacy that I haven’t seen replicated anywhere else yet (with such extensive feature sets). And the Octatrack - with its building blocks that are in themselves quite simple/straight forward, but in combination so powerful - is particularly inspiring.

Yet the MPC Live has its own charm for me and its idiosyncrasies inspire a different output than eg my Octatrack or Digitakt. Plus I LOVE fingerdrumming on the MPC Live (threshold at 4, sensitivity at 2, pad curve C), such an awesome feel!!


It’s still around. I like it, so I’ll keep it until it’s been out of mind for a long time.

I don’t see myself on both the Live and the OT in the long run, but I do see that I’m learning from having both around, right now. I got it for a good price so once it’s time, I believe I can trade it without taking a loss.


I agree with all of this.

The Live pads are stellar. Just looking at them
makes me happy.


Incidentally, I reversed the process and put the Octatrack away for now, to return to the Live again, seeing if being away from it and back on the OT, would bring the same kind of revelation but to the Live instead.

I should add that I’ve recently paired the two with a Proper 12 module, so that also brings out the best of both of these machines and really puts them to the test (or me, I guess).

Here’s what’s striking me as most obvious:
Using it to sequence, play and enable other instruments, it’s very powerful - in many ways, more so than the OT. The number of tracks, the MIDI flexibility and the amazing pads get me quicker to an early draft I like, than with the Octatrack.

I don’t miss the conditional triggers much from the OT, seeing as I can replicate the organic behaviour these can generate by extending the track length and then record automation from the X/Y function, throwing in filter drops, re-trigs, tape stops and all kinds of nice stuff. Doing this live is very satisfying and Undo is close at hand whenever I screw up.

It’s battery powered. And it allows you to render master files of your tracks, ready to publish. It’s a lot more complete, in that regard.

Recording automation is so damn easy, compared to the Octatrack. However, in this particular regard, parameter locks shine in the OT’s favour, since p-locking midi CC to enable an external synth, is quite the thing.

Only two inputs - since I use the OT as a mini mixer as well, I miss this. A lot.

It lacks character, of which the Octatrack has plenty. The filters, compressor and EQ of the Octatrack has their own style, and they’re quite punchy when you’ve gotten to know them. The MPC Live is okay in this regard, but in terms of character, it doesn’t offer much.

And whatever magic’s going on within Elektron’s machine, just working with the OT is a whole lot more fun and satisfying. But playing the MPC is a treat, whereas playing the OT (chromatically) isn’t much of a dignified experience.

For going somewhere unexpected really fast, the Octatrack can’t be beat. Once you’ve learned its tricks and treats, you’ll end up in weird places in a split.

Finally, though -
For all the cool things the Octatrack can do, for just sitting down and writing a track proper, even when you throw in a few sleight of hand moves, the MPC is still functionally the better tool for me.

I’m just not sure I enjoy it enough to make that a strong enough case to keep it :slight_smile:

Keeping both is not an option, though. And since I’ve been with the OT for I don’t know how long, this is gonna be a tough one.


I’m was in the same boat with all sorts of gear but sliming down to the Live only as master and a few instruments, guitar, bass and DN. I do agree though it’s not has organic as Elektron boxes but I’ve come to the understanding is more of a production box and that’s what I need/want.


i thought the same, went MPC live, and indeed became much more productive…
but found out
i don’t make music to be productive
I make music to be amazed with the sound ‘I’ create…

i just didn’t enjoy making music with MPC, like I enjoy making music with elektron.


I hear that, I pick up the DN and guitar more then the MPC.


Just pulled the trigger on this. Man, you’ve done some good work here. Changes the sound entirely. I did a bunch of A / B tests on just a kick and a snare, and it doesn’t compare. If I’d offer any feedback to you, it’s that your demos on your site don’t do your work justice. I did some reverse engineering too, just to get an idea of how you got there, and there’s absolutely no way I could’ve recreated this.

Brilliant work, @Yorgos_Arabatzis. You made my choice between the Live and the OT even harder and for that I must perhaps cast a curse on you, but until then, the only cursing comes from my neighbours as I’m knocking down their walls.


Really appreciate your support and nice comments!
I couldn’t agree more for what you’ve said that’s why i’m preparing the “real deal” video demos so anyone out there know what they’re missing!Can i post your testimonial on my site?



For sure :blush: quote me all you like, only happy to help​:blush:


Apologies for my bickering, I think I had a lil’ too much coffee that day :drunk:

I’m currently in the process of sampling some of my favorite Rytm sounds, as I’m about to ship it out to a fellow forum member in exchange for an Analog Keys. I know a lot of you probably already have a Rytm, but I’d like to share these samples with the thread if that would be useful for anyone.