MPC Live & MPC X


Ah ! As a professional touring musician of 30 years you must be right then. Please excuse our laymen expectations. Have a nice day :slight_smile:


Oh, you gotta be kidding me!

I was just making conversation, pertinent to the conversation at hand, and attacked no one in the process (certainly not you). Nor have I been condescending toward anyone.

You want better MIDI implementation? I can’t say I blame you. You don’t even currently own the box, though allegedly you did, yet you claim to have voted with your wallet. But I’m somehow being absurd for simply touting the merits of an otherwise fine piece of music production hardware, if only to encourage those who recently asked if there was reason to worry, given all the negative chatter? Give me a break. I was actually enjoying this conversation up till now. I honestly don’t know what you’re all fired up about, but whatever, man…


P.S. For the record, my comment about being a professional touring musician only stood to draw a comparison between the risks that hobbyists and bedroom producers can accept, because they’re under no certain pressure, versus the stability that companies like Akai are obligated to deliver, based on the needs of people like myself who must be able to rely on their boxes in a live context. Sometimes that means not rushing certain functionalities out the door. And again, the MPC Live might look like its predecessors, but it is an entirely new platform. Hence my many points about the actual state of technology. Whether you think so or not, the truth is, we’re lucky this tech even exists.


Calm down man, none’s saying you’re absurd. You’re tooting the merits, I’m stating the flaws… which makes this thread an excellent source of informations. I just think it’s not fair to consider mpc live users as spoiled kids while there are legitimate expectations for two years now. Like you said, not rushing… to say the least.


I’m sorry, did I use the word “kids”? That seems like a small but important distinction to me, in so far as the sentiment of my comments and verbal etiquette are concerned. I also didn’t claim to be “right”, as your previous comment suggested. I chose my words carefully and with good intent. If you want to be sarcastic with me, I’m fine with that, but the least you can do is own it.

At any rate, I think we’re done here.



this is spot on man. I’ve been watching people here & on the MPC forums seem to expect stuff that’s nice but never been in the usual MPC feature mix: specifically graphical automation and disk streaming… The missing bit that I was expecting is decent hardware midi routing & who knows maybe that might show up soon.


Hehehe ^ that’s the JohntheSavage i know all right!Boom!


I’ve been deep in the trenches of most other outings out there, Elektron included. I’ve had no issues with their technical limitations as far as track numbers, effects, polyphony, memory go, including other ventures such as the Circuit, the Electribes and so on. It is what it is.

But when you’ve been there, for years, and then go for the MPC Live - whatever limitations the box might have, just don’t compare. Again, this is my personal experience and no one’s truth but my own.

Every time I switch it on, it feels like I’m in a studio with a band. We got this place for months. We’re going to record something. Don’t know what. Doesn’t matter. Because I can ask them to play anything, any style, for hours. I can lay out brief demos, long musings, clips and snippets, samples and loops, chords and I don’t know. I can go glitch, I can aim for EDM arenas, I can try to be Aphex Twin or Coldplay, I can be Dilla or Avicii. There’s not a single spec, implementation or other that stops me.

I’ve always admired the process of established musicians, where they just go into a studio and sort of reside it in for weeks or months, living with the music, playing it, trying out new things, experimenting, feeling their way to something new. A sort of abode where you live with your art until you either get out with something new and great, or tank completely cause all those options were overwhelming.

But to look at it like that, with the tape constantly rolling, the band always ready to play, to try out anything as long as you get the ideas - the MPC Live is the closest I’ve come to that experience in a box. I’m not a seasoned musician, I’ll never be able to go to that place where Bowie and Eno were when they made Outside or when Daniel Lanois worked on Shine. But I can come close, thanks to the MPC Live.


Dan Lanois - Shine - may it be playing when I die.

Seriously, if I could have only one album… :hearts:



That’d be on my list of one album only-candidates, too. And it’s a short list.


I wouldn’t call this thread an excellent source of informations atm.
Sounds more like points that should be sent directly to Akai.


Hi people,
Finally the mastering template i’ve been working for is here!
You can grab it through my web store here:

Make sure you read the included important notes
More audio/video demos coming soon…


After a few weeks only on the Live, I’m now going to expose myself to a social experiment, synth community style, and put the Live away over the weekend.

And instead, jam only on my friend’s Analog Rytm, which I’ve borrowed for a few days.

Just to see what it’s like to go back to that place again.


woah… amazing
why share your findings for free, if you can ask 20€
good luck with that


Because the settings inside are the secret sauce…Video coming soon what this baby can do…:wink:


Akai Dan said on GS that something is coming in july. I don’t think its MPC 3.0 yet, but who knows? In any case, it ought to be something significant. If its not 3.0, its probably one of the big outstanding features we’ve been waiting for, multitimbral MIDI input, disk streaming or automation lanes.

The cynic in me thinks its yet more 3rd party soundpack sales fluff… lets hope not :wink:


How did you get on over the weekend?

I spent quite a while with the Live and ended up buying another Octatrack (sold one only a few weeks back) I thought the Live would be enough but I really can’t do without one or the other. MPC Live for song construction and OT for sound design. Have to say though, I really dislike the Live’s effects. The plan is to sample into the Live via my Fireworx/M3000 fx processors.


it’s 2.6 and it will not include disk streaming as they still need to work on it, that what he said in other posts


Elektron can’t be beat when it comes to being creative with sound design and elaborate sequences. And their gear is more hands-on, compared to working with a touch screen.

But their structure is rigid and the interface is messy when you’re going deep.

Since I’m very much for a small rig, the jury’s still out on this one. Here’s my current desk, though.


Just read on GS that multitimbral MIDI input is coming, perhaps even within 2019! Dan said the upcoming 2.6 version will not have it but it will be coming soon after that. 2.6 is expected to be dropping in July.

Mixer subgroups have been confirmed for the new updates. So we will have 8 stereo busses for processing soon. The MPC is shaping up nicely for becoming quite a decent mixing environment.


Subgroups will be fun, I guess with them we might get the same mixer view as the Force.

On the other hand, I’d also like the Hype synth and some general improvement, but the Live is an ace piece of kit.
I even tried to build a song with only Splice samples last night and it was much fun than I expected.