MPC Live & MPC X


I was very torn on getting an MPC Live/X awhile back. Went with the Digitakt and loved it for awhile. Moved up to the Octatrack which I really love and wound up selling the DT. No regrets so far, but have considered adding an MPC into the mix. Still debating :slight_smile:


It’s gonna take me awhile before I have the guts to do that. But two such strong instruments, I can see how them competing for attention might be disruptive.

Mind you, I still haven’t sampled on the Live. Once I get there, the OT might be in more or less trouble, depending.


I’m an all or nothing type person, so that is a real issue for me. It’s just constantly on my mind. I’ve not made a full track in about 7 years and I just want to learn the Live inside out and get the f**k on with it. I have so little free time or energy. So it won’t feel right to just keep it boxed up.

I love the Live’s UI and dislike (immensely) the OT’s. And when it comes down to it, the UI differences between these 2 machine is actually more important to me than the functionality.

I had a really great day yesterday. Enjoying the Sun and having a few beers with friends (I hadn’t drunk alcohol in almost 2 years and i’m practically a Hermit). We listened to loads of different music and I contemplated the differences between tracks/styles/compositions/equipment, and finally (and whilst acknowledging some of the comments here) in my heart I just knew that the Mpc was all I really wanted or needed. It really was an important moment of clarity for me. So, thanks again people. Please keep your observations and comments coming.


Dude. We could be twins. It’s literally where I am, too. I finish tracks from time to time, but I’m left exhausted afterwards.

Thing is, as I sit down and just play, ideas come easy. So I’m always thinking, it shouldn’t have to be this hard. If I get ideas by the piano, why is the flow gone when I go to my gear?

The MPC’s the first piece in awhile that says back to me, it’s not hard. You’ve just gone about it the wrong way.

Here’s hoping it’ll last as I aim for something more complete.


I love this. Your take on things is soothing to my brain.


The Live is pretty sick!


Sampling on the Live is super intuitive.


Next to standalone mode, what is better for you: mpc live op maschine mk3?

I expert standalone machine next october with the possibility to build in the komplete ultimate harddisc, also maschine feels faster and more intuitive. Also the black mpc pads feel better to me and also the mpc feels less toy. Especially the ugly maschine purple pad colours and the plastic knobs (and the disappointing filters inside maschine)
Strange Enough i really like the slow and relaxed workflow, and i ended up with very nice music. Mpc opened a door in my brain


Sorry, silly question, the WiFi and Bluetooth really put me off this machine, am I right to presume these can be disabled? Also can one delete factory content? Thanks in advance.


WiFi and BT are disabled out the box.
No need for it really.


Thanks. I’m not into those frequencies.


I wouldnt be surprised the increase of cases of cancer can been attributed to all these signals constantly passing thru us…WiFi, BT, cell phones etc



There is simply no doubt about this. End of.


Careful with deleting the factory content, some people on Gearsluts reported issues when deleting the whole factory content.


Ah, bit like Reason? I don’t understand having a sampler with content you cannot delete. Defeats the purpose surely?




Not if there’s plenty room left for your own stuff. Which there is. Just ignore the factory stuff and you’re good.


Good point. Nice


Installing a suitably large SSD is strongly recommended. Then you’ll have plenty of space and will not need to bother with deleting factory content (and potentially borking your MPC in the process).


you can sample the OT into the LIVE … that is an option