MPC Live & MPC X


It occurs to me, if I get a bluetooth keyboard, I got a completely wireless setup. Keyboard and MPC on batteries, no midi cable needed to connect them.

The future is here.


As a long time Tempest owner, I also immediately took to the MPC Live.
I don’t like composing in (4 bar) loops, or programming in sequences (I like to play in long performances and edit afterwards) The live is well suited to this in my experience. I still love the tempest, but it has some shortcomings… The same is somewhat true of the Live, but Akai seem to be on it in terms of updates.
I also think the Octatrack is another thing entirely and won’t sell mine .


Digging deeper, it seems the MPC is quite limited in terms of LFO destinations, compared to the monster routing that is Elektron.

I don’t mind. I usually don’t go for anything beyond the usual suspects, anyway. Filter, amp, pan, and so on. Though decays on hihats and cymbals would’ve been nice.

On the other hand, it seems I can automate record anything. So I guess that partly makes up for it. And if I’m not mistaken, the actual automation records over the entire sequence and is not limited to the specific track length, so even if I got a one bar sequence over a 32 bar pattern, it seems I can automate record for 32 bars of worth even into that specific track.

Though I’m still experiemting, so I could be wrong.

Again, I realise I’m ranting here, lots of MPC users in this thread who might wonder why I’m sharing the obvious. But I’m thinking I might not be the only one joining late, and coming from a long time with Elektron, so it’s a bit of a reference to those who might be in the same situation.


The problem comes when you want to edit an automation in standalone and realise you either do it in the text editor, without a decent filter, or have to delete all automations…
As for lfos and modulation, I’m kinda fine with the current option, but I would love a pitch envelope…


Please, continue.

I got one of the 1st Mpc Live’s, but only now started working with it. I’m much happier checking info here than on Mpc Forum.

Just something to update.
I mentioned earlier a problem accessing the SD card/External Drives. Mpc recognises them but you can’t click on them.

It might be caused by deleting the factory content. Which I did.


Ohh, hadn’t thought about that one yet :star_struck:


Don’t know any decent ones with proper action, though. But as far as smaller keys go, the Reface series is my preference and nothing really comes close, compared to them. So I guess there’s just different kinds of convenience at stake.


Yeah, I’ve come to terms with either I get it right recording it live, or not at all. Undo is my friend.


One of these?
Doesn’t seem to have aftertouch, though. I suppose that’s one of the things you’re looking for.


They’re all right, but it’s primarily the keybed that the Reface does better. If I have to choose, then that’s my top priority.

Check user’s “stylesforfree” response
PM him to send you the files…


Thank you for this.

Very much appreciated.


Yeah! I was able to pick up a used LPK25 Wireless (it seems to be out of production) and I absolutely love this setup. I ended up selling my OP1 to fund the Live, and the LPK has given me the portable keys I found myself missing from the OP1.

If you can handle mini keys I recommend it highly :thup:


I know how you feel, I was initially pretty underwhelmed with the limited modulation options in the MPC. Especially with my first sampler being the ever deep OT. I’m really hopeful that someday they will implement a mod matrix, random slice playback, and other deeper functions, but for the time being I’ve learned to love the flexibility available with layering and polyphony. It’s a different kind of sound design than what I’m used to, but I constantly get great results.

Lately I’ve been building lots of keygroup programs with layers of samples all looping and swelling at different rates. It’s really awesome to hold a chord and have multiple layers coming in and out, playing off of each other and creating new rhythms together. And that’s only with one key pressed! You hold a chord and it can get absolutely heavenly :aw:


I know I’m spamming this thread and quoting myself here.
These are my travel companions. I take them everywhere and I just can’t get enough of this ‘lil setup.
They even match :cool:


Thx. Found one in a store close enough where I live. Looking forward to trying it out.


That’s awesome! It was honestly pretty difficult to track one down for me, it took me a month or two to find the wireless version at a reasonable price. Hoping it suits you well!


Yeah, I mean, the OT’s a modulation monster. On the other hand, there’s so much the Live can do, the OT can’t touch - so like always, it’s those apples and oranges again.

I’ve been on the OT so long, I need to be with the MPC for awhile to know if it’s actually better for me, or if it’s just fresh because everything about it feels new. But that it’s great, there’s no doubt.


Also to consider is the Korg NanoKey Studio USB/Bluetooth MIDI controller. A keyboard with 8 pads and 8 knobs, you can assign them to whatever you want via Midi Learn. It is small, and very light weigth.


I’ve really appreciated some of the latest post from @jurfin & @circuitghost

It’s nice to hear appreciation for what the Mpc is & has to offer. The comments have actually given me the confidence to go ahead and sell my Octatrack.