MPC Live & MPC X


I am very happy with my mpc live
Unfortunately it is broken (something is wrong with the output)
Now i might be able to swap for a Force
It might be ‘better’ to swap for functionality
But i love the lack of colors and lights on my live
Black pads are fantastic!


Within the 3 months or 14 Days trial?


I made a Splice account to try and forget that the 2.5 update is a joke. It was difficult, because Akai messed up AkaiPro account credentials for a lot of users on their main website (changed passwords without advising people, password change form was also sometimes broken for extra fun), preventing people from logging in and getting the Splice promo code. I deleted the Splice account less than 5 minutes later: I need less bad UX and outdated web apps in my life, not more, and I certainly don’t want to spend time working around bad UX for what amounts to a samples manager.


Still no proper automation editing in standalone…


with the 3 months, using the code you get on your account page.
@toodee I agree Splice is utter shit, looks terrible, but I’ll milk for the free samples I can get before cancelling.


Second that ^
MPC Live’s portability can’t be beaten!


I really don’t understant the reason to not adress some MiDi connections problems. MPC Live is a great product but is pretty useless when you sync it in slave. I don’t know if is a bad decision to not adress it or a strugle to implement it… since 2 years!

Now is trend the brands deliver unfinished products and point that some missed feature will be added later on…
You keep wainting and stay patient but… It’s been 2 years waiting for some basic stuff and meanwhile they keep putting out new gears with the same policy, use client as a beta tester, and sometimes with the waited missed feature in a new gear and later on they drop the suport on the old unfinished product and you are screwed up! Yeah they have added some features and some are questionable to not say useless.
They ak for repporting problems and do features request to pretend that they hear their custumers but in reality they don’t really care about what you say!


Buy things for what they are not what they could be. if something doesn’t have the fundamentals of what you need then send it back cause it may never get fixed




The way I see it, Akai clearly has a hard time correctly implementing:

  • Multitimbral MIDI input
  • USB MIDI output
  • Graphical automation lanes
  • Solid timing when not MIDI clock master
  • Hard Disk Streaming
  • PDC in the MPC software version

The reasons for the challenges faced by the development of these features can only be speculated without an insight to the software on a deeper level. I can only hope Akai has taken this to heart and will be finally able to improve/resolve these issues when we get to MPC 3.0, which might allow codebase rewrites in the fundamentals holding back these things. But without insight to the whole codebase, we cannot know how all this will unfold in the real world.


I bought a djm 450 and i play the songs i make in mpc live to one djm track, and the mpc looper to the other djm track. Very nice way to mix my own songs together.


Nothing personal to anyone, it’s all good, but it also seems to be a trend for people to buy unfinished products and then expect x, y, or z feature to be added with no idea or say in the matter if it will be implemented or not. Personally I wish companies never adopted this “update with new features” paradigm and just produced finished products, or at least if they wouldn’t advertise or promote that updates are part of the plan. From what I read it seems not to benefit but rather to dissatisfy a majority of people who feel they expect some thing or are entitled to it instead of just respecting what a device does and maybe being surprised with a bonus feature now and again. This whole wanting stuff in updates seems like it’s not healthy in general for a lot of gearheadz mental space…


But when the features come then I’ll finally be able to win a grammy


Haha… lol
Did you take take that shot?

I don’t want to offend people or seem like I’m judgmental, I really just want folks to be happy and not feel let down or affected by things out of their control. I was born in a city but sort of ducked out of the mainstream and have been living alternatively surrounded by nature for the last 15 years or so. It’s a peaceful existence and I have just been surprised by a lot of things I’ve read on the forum here since I joined, I don’t do any other social media and have never even owned a cell phone. I learned about GAS, and all sorts of stuff. I kind of expected a bunch of people stoked with these awesome groove boxes, and there are, but there’s a lot of disappointment, frustration, entitlement, ego boosting, people upset, angry even… I would just like to see those folks happy and sometimes the best way is to make decisions that avoid letting things like that happen to you. Again I’m not judging anyone, I’m no better or worse than anyone here regardless of what we input to the board, but I do speak my truth. Life is weird and it can take a lot just to make it through the day sometimes, I’m just reflecting on my experience… Wish the nauts the best!
May you all make some good music…


Is that an SP202?


You need to eat more bro! :grimacing:


the coroner said he die of concussion from the bass of those huge speakers


Nah it’s from akai on Instagram. sorry to disappoint people, I am very much alive and fleshy


I think people being disappointed by the issues/omissions in the MPCs is because Akai originally overpromised and undelivered. Also the mistrust and disappointment stems from NuKai (Numark-owned Akai, the one in operation now) having a long history of bringing beta-stage products out, which get discontinued before ever reaching proper fully working status.

The new MPCs are almost like the “perfect MPC” I hoped would exist ever since becoming an MPC fanboy almost ten years ago. If these remaining issues ever get addressed, they will become modern classics for sure. So also some part of the frustrations can come from “UGH, cmon Akai! were so close!” feelings.

IME certain elektron boxes evoke the exact same feelings among nauts… :nyan: A sign of obsessive, passionate fandom mixed in with a bit of Stockholm syndrome…


yes (to be fair) but it’s in the workarounds (on all brands) that I/we can achieve something close to what we want & also maybe discover a new technique.