MPC Live & MPC X


Considering the effort put in to get tempest development done, I love this :sunglasses:. Though that was mostly coordinated with Roger Linn iirc. Who has a higher standard than inmusic alesis nukai


Haha… Thanks, Yorgos and Strangelov3!

Yes, well… I’m trying to not look too closely for bugs in this one. I think debugging the Tempest was enough of an undertaking for one lifetime (wink).

All I need the MPC to do is be a drum machine. I just wanna be able to press record, hit the pads, have them trigger the appropriate noises, and ultimately play back what I played, as I played it… No random voice stealing, no yada yada! Seems reasonable, right? Are you listening, Tempest? Ahem!

Anyway, I am meticulously sampling my Tempest sounds into the MPC as we speak. Hence my questions about velocity mapping and pad layers, etc. It’s a lot of sounds to sample, and each have a lot of velocity response baked in, so I’m just trying to get a feel for what the most efficient workflow might be, and what is likely to yield the most dynamic results. It’s a step backward in expressivity, but a step forward in overall functionality I think. In any case, the MPC should prove the lesser of two evils in this respect, or at least I would hope so (nervous grin).

Thus far, I’m making sample chains for each of my sounds at 16 different velocities (mostly for posterity), making “non-destructive” slices of those hits, then mapping whichever 4 of those slices happen to work best as velocity layers to each pad. We’ll see if this (potentially misguided) logic serves me well…



make sure you also try the round robin (pad cycle) mode. Wonderful on hihats and snares!


Thanks for the tip, tsutek!

I actually have several sounds that don’t use velocity per se, but they do use noise and random LFO’s as modulators; so being able to cycle through 4 different samples of those sounds will help preserve their random nature… :+1:



I’ll need to keep an eye on this. When I was following Live prior to release what I was really hoping for was the Live acting as a modern multitrack for recording guitar/bass/synths to go along with my sample/midi tracks. If they can get that kind of functionality sorted out well I would definitely consider picking one up! My roots are on an MPC1K, so I’m quite familiar with the basic workflow.


There was a moment when I wasn’t thrilled by my MPC Live. I was pretty close to selling it, and then Akai released the 2.3 update. It didn’t address many of my issues, but it showed that Akai was invested in improving the MPC. The 2.4 update has been great though. There are so many new quality effects that allow for me to use the MPC as an actual tool for sound design. Another saving grace has been Akai Dan’s presence on the gearslutz message board. He’s been pretty transparent about Akai’s vision for the MPC and has laid down a roadmap for 2019 that addresses all of my issues. If everything he’s talked about can be implemented, then the MPC Live/X will become the hardware unit I’ve always dreamed of (with the addition of my Octatrack, which fills a different void.)


So true :drum:


Haven’t seen the gearslutz thread in forever, what’s on the roadmap now?


Disk streaming, multi mode, automation lanes, better quality warping, and PDC are some of the things confirmed by Dan. I know there are some other improvements that have been touched on, but I can’t remember specifics… Going back to the thread, I now realize that Yorgos Arabatzis is the one who prompted an initial response from Dan. Thanks Yorgos!


I wonder how workable/easy it will be compared to Elektron’s p-locking system. I came to realize this single workflow idea became so central for me since I’ve been a user of them Swedish machines for so long, I now rely on it heavily to enjoy myself while making music. If Akai can make it work, I’ll be a happy camper :slight_smile: Was there any talk about where that would be implemented, like in Grid view or in the step sequencer (or both) ?


Okay, my fellow LIVE users, I have but one critical question…

I have read reports of the odd crash. Now, whether or not those reports are credible, is neither here nor there to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, hopefully crashes are not a common thing; but in the event that one were to happen onstage, I could deal with that. However, what I do want to know is, if and when the MPC Live does crash, does it make any noise, or is it a silent affair?

I’m imagining a situation wherein I’ve got the main outs plugged directly into my powered speakers… If the sound were to just up and quit, that’s one thing; but if it’s likely to start screaming at people, in some satanic one-bit sample loop, with a thousand watts behind it, that would be somewhat less than ideal (smirk).

Anyone have any experience in this domain?



Dan never explained the details, but yeah I agree with you about plocks. They’ve been an invaluable feature of the Elektron workflow. It’s hard to imagine a better way for automating parameters, but I’m also open to a different approach if it utilized the MPC’s touch screen. I mean, if it was more DAW-like, then parameters could have gradual transitions… whatever it ends up being, I will continue to hold onto my Octatrack for its unique approach.


I’ve had my MPC Live crash on me twice in the two years of owning it. In both situations the MPC went silent, although starting up the MPC always creates a faint popping sound initially. I don’t know if other people experience this…


Thanks, ogiobo! That’s encouraging to hear anyway. A bout of temporary silence and a faint pop, that’s something I could deal with discreetly enough.

If anyone has a different experience to share, I’m all ears… (grin).



I’ve had issues where powering off after hours of use the Live wouldn’t turn back on properly, failing to initialize storage and WiFi. I thought it was overheating, but it turns out it had intermittent problems with the SD card I was using. Since then I switched to an SSD and it’s been fine, but I stopped using it live because the above was happening just before a show… it’s nowhere near as stable as my MPC 1000 was.

Also it boots way slower when on battery, I assume there is a power saving mode.


Thanks for the insight, Ivan! Much appreciated. That said, I bought the MPC Live specifically for an upcoming tour, so it’s going onstage whether it’s ready or not. I’m just trying to gauge the need for fail-safes and contingency plans. It helps to know what to expect in the event of a crash anyway. And it definitely won’t be running on battery power onstage.



I think theres a possibility they’ll add it to step mode too, maschine does p-locks in step mode, hold a pad twist a knob. Works great.


The software version, does have automation / controller lane drawing already. I guess they’ll be looking at moving that over to the standalone machines.


You’re welcome man :wink: Hoping all goes well!
I feel super excited about the future of the MPC line!
Make sure you have backup external storage devices with you (SSD,SD,USB drives etc.) cause sometimes you have to deal with faulty ones…


Yessir, I’m all over it. Indeed it’s imperative when you play for your supper (wink).