MPC Live & MPC X


MPC Live when not connected to a computer is limited to 8 tracks, i believe.


If you mean audio tracks then yes, it’s only eight, But you could also just sample into programs, which is then only restricted of the cpu and ram.


Sample into programs?


128 samples per program and however many programs you can shake it at.
pads are lush to play.


And this doesn’t follow the 8 track limit when not connected to a computer?


You get eight audio tracks plus effectively endless drum and keygroup programs, plugged in or not.


i think you’re talking about clips? i don’t use them. well, i haven’t found a use for them yet.
no track limit. its basically as many tracks/samples etc as you can squish in to the ram, which i’ll probably never fill either


its not unlimited. 128 drum, keygroup, clip or MIDI tracks in any combination. Which is plenty though for most cases :diddly:


dang! yeah, i always get something wrong.


Should be enough seeing as there is 64 spots per program.


I think for you to really understand you would have know the ecosystem of the MPC. Nick D (akai employee) posted a really informative response here: which explains the entire hierarchy of the MPC Live/MPC X.

Audio tracks are a new edition to the MPC ecosystem. They are currently the closest thing the MPC has to a daw audio track, but they’re also very limited when compared to a daw. I believe it has been mentioned by Akai that a more realized song mode/audio tracker is in the works?


Thanks for the link, super informative


Sure no problem!


Guys, the MPC Live pads do transmit midi in program mode (drum mode)?

Like let s say I wanna sequence the MPC drums from Ableton, so I press Rec in Ableton and start tapping the Mpc pads… but no luck… :frowning:


S’up y’all, don’t mind me, but I have one more quick question, similar to my last one:

I’m still reading through the MPC Live manual here, and now I’m wondering if it’s possible to map velocity to slices, as apposed to the pad’s 4 sample layers? I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask anyway. I see that you can assign a slice number to each pad layer, but that would still only give you 4 layers total. I’d like to be able to use velocity to trigger incremental slices in a longer sample chain. Wishful thinking?



Comparing bfd with an mpc is pretty silly imo.
No where near the same application, again imo.




I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then (smirk)?

I guess hausland would have suggested mapping velocity to slices if it were possible; you know, when I asked about pad layers the first time (sheepish grin).

Bummer though! Oh well, c’est la vie.

For the record, I bought one yesterday anyway. I need a comprehensive sampler, with pads I can hit, for an upcoming tour, and we won’t have redundancy for software applications onstage; so it’s the MPC Live or bust really. Here’s hoping it works out…



Glad to see you on board John :wink:
I’m sure you’ll push some AKAI buttons too :stuck_out_tongue:
Make sure you join GS thread too…A lot of action goin on there with Dan from AKAI following up closely…


Yessir! We needed the savage on the team!