MPC Live & MPC X


Okay, thanks for the reply, much appreciated… Cheers!


so you’ve got this to play with…
vel > sta
vel > atk
vel > env
vel > fil
vel > pit
vel > amp



You mean because I wrote “severely limited”?

In terms of velocity layers, four is limited. Severely, when compared to eg BFD3.

If you want to make this about velocity-driven modulation then OK, but the post I responded to specifically asked about velocity layers.


no not at all. i just thought i’d add to the mod options etc.
i don’t really understand what’s asked anyways. plenty of ways to add expression to anything being played with those options. without tho, velocity layer are more important.
analog drums recorded become digital anyways.


Have you utilized the button 16 levels using velocity?


I bought a stylus pen and it works great for me


Well, a comb-filter plugin would be a great addition


Or a mouse? Lol.


if it works :cool:


This is exactly what You use the MPC MIDI sequencer for :wink:


Modulating static samples to create expression on the MPC itself versus creating a multi-layer, sample-based instrument from another source, wherein those modulations are already inherent in the sounds, are two completely different objectives.

At any rate, I enquired about this for a very specific reason, and I got a straight-forward answer from someone who clearly knew what I meant. Thanks. And, for the record, it has nothing to do with whether or not the samples would be converted from analog to digital.



Found a bug, confirmed by the Akai main forum guy.

Here’s what I gave him:

“I attempted to use the step sequencer to program a 16th rolling bass, on the same note. It looks like the note lengths generated using that mechanism might overlap into the next note, since the bass wasn’t re-triggering. Used quantisation afterwards and that fixed up the problem.”

This seems to be a problem with the new bass and other plug-ins.


At this point, the only thing holding me back from picking up the MPC Live and selling my OT is the lack of disk streaming on the MPC. At least on the OT, with a fast enough CF card, you can stream huge files, but the MPC has those RAM allocation issues that mean you don’t get enough to make it worth it.

Another thing I’m curious about is the sequencing on the MPC vs the OT. I do love me some trig conditions and p-locks. How is that on the MPC compared to the OT?


you got neither on the MPC. But what you get is a linear polyphonic MIDI sequencer with up to 999 bar long patterns, unlimited polyphony (limited only by the MIDI target) and the ability to realtine record MIDI CC automation. However, editing that CC automation is very archaic at the moment until we get automation lanes for the touch interface.

MPC sequencer is not really optimal for a “programmer”. Its central idea IMO is that you play stuff into it realtime. All the usual quantization grids are available so you dont have to have perfect timing when playing simpler stuff in.

I guess you can think of it resembling the realtine record mode of elektrons more than the grid recording side.


Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I guess you can to trig conditions in the sense of just recording longer patterns with variations. I’ve heard the poor things about the automation, as well. Hopefully that will get fixed.


yes, absolutely. You can have 128 bar loops no problem, so trig conditions are not needed for adding variation at least :wink:


Excellent. What I really want is a better Octatrack, but I think we all know that’s pretty much never gonna happen.


It’s definitely the longer loops which are the win for me. MPC’s automation does work, but it’s not easy to edit on the X and Live. Hopefully, Akai will give us a feature to draw and/or edit via automation lanes. The software version does that, but the hardware doesn’t.


I’m always surprised when I see this. I own both, and if a sale of one of those happens (OT is never leaving me, mind you), it will not be dependent of the presence of the other machine. They are both samplers, sure, but so very different from each other. In fact, they are very powerful when used together, I think there was a thread about that some time ago. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say the MPC offers more functionality on paper, but it comes at a cost of a worse UX and overall rushed product feeling overall. I still like it tho :slight_smile:


For me, I mostly use the OT as a drum machine and to sequence my hardware without a computer.
I’d love to use it as a recorder, as well, but the recording limits are to much to be useful for me. The 4 bar limit, the 4 note polyphony with all notes needing to be the same velocity and length, and only having 8 tracks, make it only somewhat useful for my newer stuff.

With the MPC, I could multitrack stuff and then dump the audio to my DAW a bit easier, it seems. Plus having the 16 pads to bang out drum beats would be grand. With the inclusion of the VSTs, it just seems more useful for me.

I just don’t see a need for the OT in my setup if I have the MPC. The few things I do with the OT creatively I know I could achieve in the box or in some other way.