MPC Live & MPC X


This was actually on the software MPC, running on my Mac (Live being used as controller).

rcmusic - it was the channel mixer. Options for inserts was greyed-out.

Don’t have access at the minute, but can try again when I do.


to be fair, I tend to lump all VSTs into the same category when it comes to sound… Its just me, I’ve always had trouble coaxing sounds from VSTs that would really wow me. So in that regard, I dont consider the MPC air instruments to be any worse than most of the stuff out there.

uhe ACE is probably my favourite VSTi as far as sound is concerned. That one has something in its tone that I quite like


The synths sound pretty darn good. Even next to my analog synths these definitely hold their own. The built in effects on the synth pages are also very useful for a polished sound…

I also tried hybrid synth in the mpc software and although it looks awful, it’s sounds really nice too. Wavetable osc’s and filters are good and a killer filter drive section.


For what it’s worth I had a short time with the new effects last night and I’m really happy so far. The reverbs sound much better to me, the spring and reverse verb are definitely going to get a ton of use from me!
The spring is miles ahead of that OT spring, but I guess that isn’t saying too much :ecstatic:


automation lanes, especially if they use curves, would be nice but graphical automation isn’t a particularly mainstream thing in MPC history.


So I did the upgrade. The synths sound ok to me, no worse or better than your average plugin. I noticed an issue with the SD card, sometimes the Live wouldn’t boot properly and give an error message that wifi and storage wasn’t initialized properly. I’ve put an SSD in instead, loaded with Samples from Mars (there are .pgm files one can load straight in) and I had a bunch of fun. The OS is really coming along nicely.

Touch screen grid editing is still a pain, sometimes needing 4-5 taps to delete a single note. Having to change tools to zoom in and then back to add/delete stuff makes me try to avoid it altogether.


They have never existed before, true, but I think that getting automation lanes represented exactly like how velocity is already shown in the step sequencer would be killer. IIRC the automation is visible and editable in MPC desktop, so if the standalones are “running the same software”, it shouldn’t be impossible to include it.

I’m surprised just how much I like the new motherducker. This kind of “sidechain bus” paradigm would work well in ableton as well, its opening up new mixing strategies for me :diddly: I wish there was an easy way to filter the ducker input freqs, but already I’m digging the results! I might have finally found a way to utilize compression in my mixes in a way that pleases me (aside from basic LA2A -style leveling or enhancing transients with long atk/medium release)


hoping there arent any significant artefacts, looking forward to testing the motherducker this weekend


These new effects are way better than the stock Akai ones in mpc 2.2. Lo Fi is nice for bit crushing and adding a little character to your channels. I got to use the master buss compressor too. Neutral sounding but you can slam it too.

I will mess around with mother ducker this weekend .


yes, lofi is dope! The rectifier is a cool parameter and using drastic rectifier settings in parallel (25-40% wet) can add texture to many things.

Im thinking of using the motherducker busses for managing global mix dynamics, bus 1 being highest priority and bus 8 being lowest… have all the tracks making way for the important stuff in the mix. Just a smidgeon of GR goes a long way :loopy:


I feel your pain, but quick tip, use the select tool instead, draw around the note you want to delete, then press Shift and Cut.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a shot!


agreed! your list: automation & midi routing would make the Live my dream machine.


Did you know you can stack the Mpc 3000 effect more than once? You want your kicks, snares, and claps to get violent? Double stack the Mpc 3000 effect. Someone was talking about it on the Mpc forums and I tried it. That is all


Anyone find a good way to get to an INIT patch on the new polysynth?


Hell yes! Thanks!


Just been playing with the new effects in-the-box. Yep - sounding very good!

Anyone got a favourite output / master-channel setup yet? I’ve been playing with the param-EQ, then compressor, then maximiser. I’m still attempting to get to grips with the gain-staging though. EQ has a level output control, but the compressor only has a gain make-up output. No reduction. Similar-ish with the maximiser.

Any thoughts and tips?


Insert effects in-the-box seem to be OK. Not tried the main software again yet.


Hi folks,

So, I’m just reading through the MPC Live manual here…

Is it true that there are only 4 available velocity layers per pad? That seems crude to me. Is there no way to do velocity mapping with more resolution than that? I was hoping to make some finger-drumming kits from sounds made on the Tempest, but if I can only go 4 samples deep for each sound, I’m afraid I’d be sacrificing too much detail. Can anyone confirm this? Any advice? I’m not familiar with the MPC workflow at all.



that’s the MPC way, (unfortunately). Four layers per pad is what it is, be that a drum program or a keygroup. You could play with the LFO to introduce more expression/dynamics/randomness, but it will still be severely limited in terms of resolution/realism compared to a velocity-sensitive analog source or something like BFD3 or Superior Drummer 3. But then again, that’s not really what it means to compete with :slight_smile: