MPC Live & MPC X


I pushed hard for a way to reset the play head to start of sequence. Double tap stop was always the behavior I was used to. The inability to fluidly do this on the Live was annoying especially when using clip programs. The issue which requires this functionality is that launching a clip starts the sequence from wherever that play head is. In order to get clips to launch in time with sequenced events on other tracks there needed to be a way to quickly reset the play head to the start of the sequence. X owners can ignore this as the X has locate buttons on the hardware. Live really needed a few more physical buttons, but I’ll happily take shortcuts.

Tapping stop twice would have been my preference but was told that was already used for stopping all audio. It would also be my preference that launching clips did not start the sequencer so they behaved more,like a pad hold or pad loop.


this update should make you happy then, as also the “clips stop playback when switching tracks” issue is fixed in 2.4 :nyan:


Oh man, I was one minute away from buying an MPC Live. Ended up being deciding on a Digitakt and a Wavedrum for the same price, so I’m happy, but definitely still looking hard at an MPC Live now that these decent updates are rolling in.

If and when they finally add portamento/glide to keygroups, I’ll finally have to bite the bullet and grab one. Until then, I can simultaneously hold desire and restraint, difficult as it is…


Yeah this wasn’t as much of an issue as there has been a known workaround for this for a while now


2.4 is reportedly now available.


I just downloaded it at work and will install when I get home today. I am hoping it fixes an issue I am having with sequencing the Tasty Chips GR-1.


I bought the MPC on release, hoping for proper support from Akai. I almost sold the machine several times out of frustration, but never did. Looking at the latest updates (2.3 and 2.4), I’m finally starting to feel good about the MPC, it seems that slowly but surely Akai is bringing their machine to where it needs to go. Good times ahead indeed.

Wishing everyone a happy 2.4 :grinning::+1:


I only had 20 mins with 2.4 on a track I was working on and those were 20 happy minutes.
Now that clips don’t stop once you move the another track, the Live works exactly how I wanted it to when it launched. Really nice to bounce loops and use them as clips and record stuff in the looper for later clip usage.
I pretty much see myself using the AIR Channel strip all the time, the new reverbs are nice (only tried as inserts so far) and the Motherducker is really well implemented.


Yeh, I too was an early adopter, and with the 2.4 update we are almost where I hoped we would end up. All I want now is graphical automation editing and multitimbral MIDI input and I’m happy. If the MPC live happens to also be compatible with the upcoming MPC 3.0, I know the live will even exceed my expectations (arrange mode and clip recording matrix!!!)


MPC 3.0? Another update already on the horizon?


MPC 3.0 is apparently the next major release and will bring it in-line with what you can see on the Force. Not exactly the same though.


Your positivity makes me want to give it another chance. I will take it out of the box and check this upgrade out. :yum:


Looking forward to checking out the effects, especially the motherducker. Wishful thinking, but I’m hoping the reverb will sound really good. Im setting my sights high and hoping it will compare favourably to something like Valhalla


We are on the same page. I was really baffled when I saw those features weren’t there at launch, it seemed to me like a big omission.

My first tests yesterday made me happy, I think the Air FX collection is of a much higher quality that the original MPC ones. Haven’t tested the MotherDucker yet though.


First strange thing I’ve hit: looks like insert effects can’t be added after one (at least) of the synths tubesynth.


Can you be more specific please ? I am still able to add insert FX from the main screen after any of the plugin synths, TubeSynth included.


First few minutes in with 2.4 and I’m already quite pleased! The new air fx was a wonderful addition and I feel like I can get a much better mix ITMPC with them now.

Not really feeling the plugin instruments, sound like VSTs to me, but I guess they’ll make decent placeholder sounds which I can retrack with hardware sounds later.


you need to be in channel mixer, not pad mixer, to add FX to plugin instruments


Is quantized sampling (capturing say, exactly 4 bars on the fly) possible/fluent by now?


My initial feeling was the same. For example, I find the filter in TubeSynth pretty much useless (definitely cheap VST material), but I’m starting to think I might be used to a more wild/creative use of filters because of Elektron’s awesome filters, so it might be also up to me to adapt to another way of doing things and dial in less extreme settings ? Something about being used to “luxury”, I guess.

What I mean is those instruments are in fact VSTs, so maybe we should not expect the same capabilities than from hardware units or even more powerful software like Serum or Massive, as frustrating as this statement may sound :slight_smile: . I did that for the first MPC effects, sounded so bad to me that as a rule of thumb, I never used more than 25% wet signal. That made things way better.

I plan to challenge myself with using at least one instance of an MPC plugin in my next tracks, to make me practice using them, and maybe I’ll find gems :wink: