MPC Live & MPC X


just turn warp on and 16 levels (pitch) will retain the sample timing


What would you rather have if you had to choose between these two choices-

An MPC Live and MPC X?


An MPC Live and Octatrack mk2?


Mpc live hands down. Hated the octatrack tbh.

Or is this a choice between either pair? Derp. If so I would get the live and octatrack *gasp! I know, but I had an octatrack with an mpcs 1000 for a while and the pair was great. I ran 2 stereo outs of the mpc into the ins of the octatrack and added fx and resampled stuff.
Tbh I think I started really disliking the octatrack after I sold the mpc. I thought wrongly that the octatrack would cover me off for both! I doesn’t!


I like this response! Thank you.


X and OTmk2 = best kombo :diddly:

but live & OTmk2 is enough for me personally

It will be fascinating to watch the upcoming APC live unfold… who knows, maybe APC & OTmk2 will be the ultimate combo with the least overlap?


Well, they’re so different that it depends entirely on what you want to do.

The OT is the ultimate sample mangling exploration device, and is very good for getting new ideas and doing unusual things. Recording beat-locked loops from other devices it a more streamlined workflow. Speaking of workflow, learning the capabilities of the machine is going to fry your brain, but this also mean that the machine can be very flexible in how you use it. It’s also better in a live set situation IMO, for the reasons discussed many times here.

The MPC X is a complete studio in a box, it’s the Live but bigger so essentially much closer to a DAW in a box (not a fan of the appellation but oh well, it’s close enough), but with more buttons and I/O, better suited to be the center of a studio than the Live (although arguably the Live can do it too).

If it was me, I’d go for the OT (I actually have that Live + OT combo at home myself), because it brings different functionalities and possibilities in your setup (like scenes. OMG, scenes).


Can any mpc users explain how the current mpcs handle scales and chords. Currently reading the manual but it’s a little confusing as it’s mentioned in events and in pad perform mode.

I’m looking at it from the point of view of a past Maschine user. Has scales/ chords been implemented in the new synths. I’m very interested in an MPC but the selling point for Maschine for me is the ability to select chords and scales as I don’t play keys.


Talking about ‘hardware timestretching’ in general… Compared to software (ableton?) timestretching all seems lacking in that department… MPC is no exception.


and I’ve used better stretching than ableton’s…


It’s kinda of confusing how they are implemented…
To play the pads in scale or chord mode you go to Pad Perform mode and pick a scale or set of chord, so far all good, press record/play tap away and you’re ready
once you leave pad perform mode, it all reverts to the standard setting, so no scales…


MPC 2.4 just announced, ready to drop early Feb. Only seen new AIR FX mentioned so far though.


The scales and chords mode is getting more love in the future (ie. the new chord and scale features of the force will be added to MPC OS in the future)


Im hoping Air FX and multitibral MIDI, those additions alone would make me v happy!


Just read this from Akai Dan @ GS:

2.4 will be out early feb
Air FX added
Sidechain added (motherducker, 8 sidechain busses)
Improved clip programs (they no longer stop playback by default when you change track)

Sadly, multitibral MIDI is still ways off :zonked:


Very cool.


There was a link to a french article about the new air fx. The new channelstrip looks exactly what a standalone MPC needs! Gate, Comp, EQ… With the added sidechain compression thrown in, there’s very little excuses anymore for not getting a great mix done ITMPC

Loving that we are getting a new freq shifter as well. And new reverbs and delays are always welcome :nyan:


Yep. The effects were the unit’s weekest point sound-wise.

Pretty-much why so far, I’ve been using it to play-back 3 stereo stems, which have been put together in Cubase.

If the effects are improved, I might be able to produce a project on the unit itself (or on the software version) for gigs.


MPC 2.4 is dropping today! Good times ahead :loopy:

Seems like in addition to the new air fx, we also get a shift + stop command and next sequence will actually remember its state even if exiting next seq mode.

MPC 2.4 will be my # focus feb


What’s shift stop command do?


I’ve seen a few comments on that. Some people are saying that it’s like a play position reset and midi panic mechanism. Not too different to double-tap stop.

Reckon we’ll find out properly, later today.