MPC Live & MPC X


i dunno, i think it sounds like daw - what you play is what you get. i like some compressing-eq-saturator on master, so i just made a chain and use it. nice fx routing also. fx’s are nothing special, though usable, especially in combinations.
i use it as master with rytm and a4 - both receive midi via midi thru box. clock is pretty stable after updates, the early experience with midi was bad, but now it’s kinda ok. sometimes i restart my set with doublestop and play, to fix sync, but lately it’s happening one or two times in onehour set. guess i could recommend it.


ok, transparent is good


Tbh it can also sound as dirty as you need to be, I do industrialist stuff and it works like a charm for that, the grime distortion is evil.


How do you use it ? Full wet or milder settings ?


Usually milder, full on it can be a bit too much.


To the people that use the Live, are you able to dynamically select a parameter on the touchscreen and use a knob to adjust it?


Yes mostly.
Check out "qlinks mpc live " in the manual or on YouTube


Thank you @bambrose!


If you touch a parameter on the screen, it becomes selected, with a red outline, and then the big knob changes it’s value. Or with the q links when a row is selected in orange the respective q links adjust those parameters, selectable with the q link button.


Brilliant! I’m pretty sold, then!

Thanks for the info!


Just buyer beware, the biggest short coming of the screen, and arguably of the whole thing, is the grid edit mode. It’s terribly laid out and doesn’t make sense how the touch screen is used for it imo.
Even the impc app is better for that.
But I am pretty sure Akai is working on that, from what I read at GS.


Been experimenting with grimey distorsion and while getting something that sounds nice for my taste takes time, usable results can definitely be obtained. :thup:


The grid edit is indeed quite bad, IMO. Really wishing for some way to cursor and twist note positions and velocities.


I use it on most tracks and it’s pretty much perfect for my sounds.


Not sure if it was the sound quality, the screen pinching and tool switching in grid edit, the intermittent sample auditions in the browser, the screen dimming in controller mode, or the lack of true real-time quantizing preview after record.

I packed it up my MPC X and it was accepted for a return today.

I could work with it if I had to. There’s not much it can’t do with enough grinding.


Soo seems like the MPC clips will finally be getting some more love

A screenshot from the upcoming APC live manual hints at a new clip launch view. No doubt this view will also make it to the MPC X and MPC live models.

This new view will undoubtedly be introduced in MPC software/standalone as soon as APC live is released


Nice! Where did you get the manual from? Any other notable features?


That’s a picture from the leaked APC live pdf’s. Dont hAve them myself, but should be still somewhere on the internets.


Say WHAT?! I’ve been sorely dissatisfied with the mpc timestretch. Destroys the audio integrity entireky if used fir more tgan micro adjustments. There has been a bit if a workaround thru using slices, which have the potential for tasty signature fittings. Octa has been quite nice in this task, what are you talking about?


Yeh, that 16 level bit is junk