MPC Live & MPC X


That is quite a big ask though, thousands of developers including big name long running companies most of which are charging for apps. They’re kind of sticking a synth in as a bonus, no one expects a sampler to come with a synth. I’m just thankful to live in an age where I can fit an iPad (countless synths FX and sequencers) and a battery powered MPC with a built in synth in my bag without even filling it :ecstatic: I mean I’ve got a model D on my phone, it’s ridiculous

I kind of want to jump back on the MPC hype. I wish they’d just put oleds on the q links for the live. Would have made a world of difference


You do get feedback about what going on with the q link knobs on a 7 inch colour screen right next to them so they probably thought that was enough…


Yes, seeing as it’s a sequencer and sampler first and foremost!

Yeah, definitely agree!
Shame there’s such a huge size difference between the Live and X. The OLED/Q-links on X really improve usability.


The Live is supposed to be small/portable and the X is studio sized! To be fair the Live is £800 new and the X is £1700 The X costs twice as much as the Live, there had better be some advantages! Personally the only thing I wanted from the X was the CV, but I wasn’t paying the best part of a grand for that, plus the Live is battery/portable…


I wholeheartedly agree with all of this. I feel like pay to play plugs are on their way to the MPC. It makes sense considering they included expansion packs but charge for others and are about to integrate splice subscription service.

I’ve been using a zoom u44 to serve as my iPad interface which I route to Live. With this setup I get XLR inputs and MIDI I/O. Fully battery powered… its ridiculous.
The design and UI have their weak points for sure but the pros far outweigh the cons. As long as development continues my gripes will certainly diminish.


And tbh some of those apps sometimes feel like abandonware, where as the live is growing in capability steadily since its release!
Multi midi in and automation lanes please!


Hey so ive had the mpc live for a while now and like it. Use it more for a midi sequencer and a pad midi keyboard. So one thing i could never get it to do is make pattern with odd steps like on any electron. For examples you have a 16 note/step pattern and only want to use 3, 5, 6, 7, 9,11 steps . I use this fulor acid lines and eucidan rytms kind of stuff.

Is their a way to do it with the mpc live ?


you mean like what, not always triggering notes/steps?


Yeah there is no point paying the extra gran just for CV you can get a midi unit that does 8 channels of CV in your rack for a few hundred quid.


You can keep it desktop with the new Kenton Pro Solo mk3, eyeing this one for OT integration with my semi modulars. But same for use with the Live


Thanks for tge reply . Naw more like play total 3 , 5 or what ever steps . On octatrack you can reduce the number of steps their fore you can play 3 step or 5 step looping pattern . Like on a tb 303


Yeah, I think it’s in track edit, you can set individual track length


Yea thats right but it seems to only do track lenth to beat so it would be 1/4 notes in 4/4 time.


aah, this. well, it tied to a beat number, not step. and beat is tied to 4 steps, so you can set either 3 (12steps), 5(20steps), 7(28) and so on. and 12 steps - well, if you want your pattern to be 3 steps, make it repeat 4 times, and there’s your 12 steps (3beat).


thanks for the reply. so in a 303 or elektron its not tied to beat its tied to steps so you get euclidean rhythms. so 5 steps of a 16th note i bar pattern repeated. as far as i can tell mpc only dose loops to the beat so that would be more poly rhythm type stuff.


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how is the overall sound of the MPC Live? fresh? clear and transparent? with pressure? just wondering… could be easily the centerpiece

has someone clocked an Elektron with it? is the clock stable or is the clock-value jumping around on the Elektrons?



It sounds good. It’ll do what you need it to


little better than a digitakt. little worse than a tr8s.


Nah… DT sounds incrediballs. MPC sounds transparent and clean but nothing special. I sold my DT and kept my Live.