MPC Live & MPC X


As i have a Digitone too, now with the possibility to capture and Convert any Plugin preset or External Instrument preset into a Keygroup Program the Digitone have less use now. Now i’ll focus more in MPC LV and OT as the core of my Hybrid Setup and find a way to make them interact seamlessly together.

I’m try to find a way to put this setup in place:

Octatrack : Master, Drums & Samples, Looper & Loop Player
MPC Live : Extra Percussion & Main Sound Module

( Maybe + ) Digitone : Extra Sound Module (Synth & Experimental Sounds)

Octatrack Tracks Layout 1 (6 Static or Flex Machines + 1 Pickup Machine + Tk 8 as a Master

Tk 1 (Static or Flex) : Kick & BD
Tk 2 - T5 (Static or Flex) : Loop
Tk 6 (Static or Flex) : FX
Tk 7 : Pickup Machine

Use the 8 Octatrack MIDI Tracks to control 8 MPC LV MIDI Tracks (for Track Mute)


Holy shit. This is update is pretty rad. The AIR synths sound pretty good.

Anyone notice that when you touch an onscreen parameter, the Live q-links get centered on them? I like that little update.

Selecting presets is cool to.

Nice update :+1:t4:


Has anyone tried the crossfade looping yet? How is it?


Don’t get me wrong, I love all four of my Elektron boxes. But Akai just made a slam dunk… It’s time to update my LIVE and dedicate some time with it… I wish Akai would dedicate more of their marketing towards other forms of electronic music besides hip hop… Maybe some sound packs geared towards industrial or glitche… Maybe a sound fx pack? Anyway, good job Akai… Keep the updates coming…


If you have a favorite VSTi synth mpc software has an Arp now. I can’t wait to go home and use that Arp.

You can also step sequence your mono synth with the mpc step sequencer. I do this with my studio controller by tapping the note and doing 16 steps. The only problem is sometimes I want to write a 32 step two bar loop and throw the mpc swing timing on it. I really need to figure out how to write more than 16 steps using the mpc software sequencer.

If you look deep at the filters they give you an mpc 3000 LPF with resonance. Patch that with the resampler plugin and bam you got a Lo-if Bassline.

When I get bored it’s reaktor 6 blocks controlled by my mpc studio and it leads to stuff that bounces and makes you want to hop.


WoW, this new stuff is very sweet. Especially on the X with all the extra knobs, buttons and knobs again.

We love them knobs.

After watching these update vids, first time I could see myself with an X.


Update lends itself to the X. Especially the synths.


I know that feeling…


Still no mono legato/glide for key groups?


If it ain’t there yet I’m sure it’s coming, Akai are doing pretty well with this one considering the track record.


Yea. that’s still a bummer


FWIW I use my live as the master, because the live’s looper will not work otherwise. I also like to settle on a specific drum pad configuration, and then use that same pad config on all of my drumkit programs for easy auditioning of the same drumpatterns with different sounding kits. If you’d use kits that had all kicks, all snares etc you cant audition grooves with diff kits as fluently IME… Besides, if you feel the need to multiplex a drum track out for more detailed mixing/editing, there’s always the option of explode tracks, which should automagically divide all drum pads to their own tracks… or is this function not on the standalone? cant rem right now…

Okay so lets dive into this 2.3 now! Lets hope no nasty new bugs to existing functionality showed up…

EDIT: So erm, we got sorta like a drum synth engine now as well! I wonder just how many instances I can get… That autosampler and note split function are great adds to! hmm, phrase sampling… hoping this works with MIDI too


Yeah, that was my kind of thought process:

Track 01 -> Program 01 Kicks = 128 mapped kick drums
Track 02 -> Program 02 Snares = 128 mapped snares
and so forth

Seems to me that is the best approach?

One day I’ll understand MPC’s better :smiley:


if you do it like that then you’d need to individually transpose each track for auditioning the same drum pattern played by other kits.

you could just as well use just a single drum program (“MyKit3342b”) and a single track for the whole drum pattern, change the kit while the drum pattern is playing back, until you find a kit that works particularly well for that specific drum pattern, and THEN use “explode tracks” (main menu - track section / pencil icon - EXPLODE) function to get to your original suggested track layout (track 1 becomes kit x pad 1’s MIDI, track 2 becomes kit x pad 2’s MIDI, track 3 pad 3 and so on…)

Technically both approaches are just as valid, I personally prefer the auditioning flexibility of drumkits vs kits with just one type of sounds


I thought multi timbral midi was the craze everybody was after - I was certainly

I still would like to play my ND2 with the MPC using one midi program sending to the 6 channels of the ND2


sadly, my liveset wont load in 2.3 standalone anymore, critical memory usage, of something like that. on previous firmwares it was loading with ‘low memory’ message, and was working ok.
i wonder, if it’s because of the new fx gui’s.
good thing, that mpclive is downgradable anytime, so i can tweak my set… sent my backup to akaidan, will see how it goes.


i’ve been wondering about this as i have zero interest in any of the new VST instruments and the only new features i’m interested in have to do with basic workflow shortcuts. not sure this warrants an upgrade especially is it’s just going to chew through more RAM. i was going to ask Dan whether it’s possible to delete all the bloatware once upgraded.


Well, if everybody is the same dozen people who post about it continuously on most forums :wink:

Personally I have never plugged a midi lead in, I bought it as a self contained portable drum machine, so the new features are far better for me than external midi control, I use my DAW for that.


i don’t suppose we’re talking about the same thing… all good bud


That would be nice but since the mpc is meant to be the “center” of the studio, I still think a better automation/p-lock support is more important.