MPC Live & MPC X


tubedigga hot on it. uploaded 7 minutes ago :joy:


2.3 overview by Akai devs


Tubedigga has seperate videos for every new feature too :slight_smile:


I must say that this is an awesome update!


That autosampling feature seems to be a huge timesaver !
it would be cool to have more than 4 velocity layers for each sample…


It works in standalone mode, I just made a multisample instrument from Nave running on the iPad, this alone is huge.


Wow that’s cool!


For how I used the Live back when I had one, this is huge.

And the synth sounds pretty good to me. Far exceeding expectations.

I really don’t need GAS right now…


Don’t you want to multisample everything now?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me? Happy? As if…


Gtfo! That’s awesome!
Def pulling mine back out this weekend!
Very psyched!


Out of curiosity; how do you have the MPC and iPad hooked up?


Through a K-mix at the moment, so the midi out from the Live goes into the Mix expander and the Kmix is connected via UB to the iPad.

Alternatively my old way was, midi to usb connector into the iPad and audio from the iPad main out.


Oh dear… 2.3 is ready to download for both Hardware and Software


Thanks @Automageddon. I recently nabbed an iConnect Audio4+ which I’m planning on using with the Octatrack and the MPC

This new update looks like it might have fixed (at least one) of the issues I had with the Live; but I still need to put it through it’s paces; and see if it is for me or not.

A big part of that as well is seeing if I can find a workflow / organization / structure that I’m really going to enjoy / be productive with. And I’m not used to / not really gelling with the MPC hierarchy; how best to organise everything, should I build drum kits as programs? or have a program that is just kick drums and always assigned to Track 01; and play different pitches. So many questions…

Trying to build a new live rig… at the moment I’m thinking: Octatrack, MPC, Virus… maybe Rytm and iPad as well. Maybe also something else for a bit of “sparkle” in the future / if I can afford it like an Avalon, 0-Coast, FX boxes etc.

So big question is what should be master; the Octatrack or the MPC?

The Rytm is very questionable for me. I’ve used it less then two dozen times since released; hate the screen, menus, and filing system; and I won’t really get into it until I can actually load samples onto it…

The iPad; well, never tried that kind of approach before (audio/midi); only ever used it for games / faffing around in iMaschine / Gadget etc; so could be a wonderful tool/experience; or not.


Hi @Rusty what about the iConnect i4+ with the OT and MPC Live? I feel the that the MPC LV and the OT don’t sync seamlessly.

I prefer organise the MPC LV to do the more complex and longer stuffs (more than 64 steps for the OT). I think use the tracks as programs is the best way to organise the everything and separate the track as maximum possible.

As the OT is more instant for live to the MPC, i think is better to use it as a master but… i’m still trying to find the better way to use it


The synths, on first run-through, do sound very nice. Downside though - very hard to read with my ageing eyes on the Live.

However, the GUI for effects is a big improvement. Never liked the previous GUI for effects.


2.3 takes the MPC Live to a different level…….Congratulations AKAI, superb update; my Live is now back in the middle of my desk…


I haven’t even tried connecting it all up yet :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the plan for the MPC… do the heavy lifting on the Midi side; and a lot of utility stuff; keep the OT for ad-hoc / mangling; or just ditch it all together.

I can do some nifty things with the Octatrack; have a few workarounds that no one else does; but my enthusiasm for actually using it is quite minimal these days.

Likewise, so was curious which one cats have as the master; and how to organise / sync them?


I was going to sell my MPC Live and keep only Deluge, but I guess Live will stay now because of these awesome updates.


I was going to do the opposite and the latest update convinced me.