MPC Live & MPC X


The hype train is very confusing indeed. Really hoping for the midi to be fleshed out. Been a long time waiting for multi-timbral sequencing.


As in actually usable ? That would be swell :slight_smile:


check your accounts, 2.3 is there


Ooh! Ooh! :smiley:


Just saying that this is HUGE.
Wh wants to buy my Deluge?


whats in it?


Tell us. Tell us now!




No way?!


Should I freak out???



Only tried one of the synths and it sounds good. Will report back.


nice, crossfade looping. and pad shortcuts. @Rusty will be happy


Holy shit! Arp and auto sampling too


!!!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:!!! Just sooo happy!!


Was just browsing around (overpriced) second hand mpc1000/2500s… might reconsider MPC Live when this turns out well :star_struck:!


resparked my interest in the live here a bit. maschines been great but I do miss the ‘turn on and go’ aspect of it. and sofa jams. now its got synths and an arp in it too. waiting out for some sound demos but its looking good


Holy crap. I’ve been debating replacing my OT with one of these as it seems like it would be more useful for the kinds of stuff I want to do, and this update with synths excites me to no end. Holy crap.

Question: has anyone successfully “DJed” with the Live? I’ve used the OT in the past with oneshot static machines to play full tracks and crossfade them between each other. Is there a way on the Live to set something up like that for when I do live sets where I’m just playing stereo tracks?


Sold my mpc live to upgrade to a mpc x, great to see the synth finally here!


Wow, it is a big update. Auto sampler looks interesting :yum: