MPC Live & MPC X


It’s update time, 2.2.3 is out !! :+1:


It’s a bug fix update…


Noob question about the Live…

Q: Are they any shortcuts to change modes?

e.g. I would expect [ Menu ] + [ Pad nn ] to change to the relevant mode.

Q: Are they any shortcuts to change tracks?

e.g. I would expect [ Track ] + [ Pad nn ] to change to the relevant mode.

Q: Is it normal that pasting notes in the Piano Roll will paste as C-1 regardless of the source note?

Q: Is there any way to launch the Piano Roll at C3? Currently always shows at C-1; so you have to scroll up as your first course of action.

And I’m just getting started…


Hi Rusty,
Do you own an MPC Live?


Pad modes [mode and pad- MPC 1000] are on old MPCs and a bit of a glaring omission from the live. I saw on gearslutz someone talking about this to akais dan and he said it’s something they’d like to do but didn’t confirm it on the roadmap or anything. I’d put it down as “may happen one day”. Thing is though you’d have to memorise all the functions or get a custom screen print on your case


Yes, temporarily / road testing; see how it works for me.

Glad it’s not just me! It’s mind boggling to me that something like pad modes, has not been included.

I don’t think it would take that long to build up the muscle memory? [ Menu ] + [ Pad 13 ] for Sample Edit; [ Menu ] + [ Pad 14 ] for Pad Edit; you’d be flying along.

Besides; some cat would always make an overlay / some sticky tape would fix that real quick :stuck_out_tongue:


Akai’s stance on this matter seems to be “Eeh, we got so much flak from introducing MODE + pad shortcuts for the 1k/2k5, it is doubtful we will ever reintroduce it” IIRC. ie some crudgy old mongrels used to working their MPC60s hated that workflow… and its now slightly haram for Akai to reintroduce… Same legacy arguments have also been made againts changing the NEXT SEQ mode to work more logically, as the way it works now is a PITA (if you exit NEXT SEQ before the seq transitions, the seq change is lost) but some og MPC heads rely on the legacy behaviour for their gigs…


Good to know some info / reasoning @tsutek; suck though. imho that is basic / v1 functionality.

Really though I don’t think I’m going to be totally happy with any bit of gear until I build my own; aka:



I’m personally still hoping Akai changes their mind about both points, and eventually gives us at least the option for choosing to use latching NEXT SEQ and MODE + pads. I don’t care if these are set to legacy by default in the config as long as I can enable them for myself.


Just submitted two feature requests via the MPC software for:

Mode Change via [ Menu ] + [ Pad nn ]
Track Change via [ Track ] + [ Pad nn ]

I’m still amazed that these don’t exist; as imho this is basic / core / v1 functionality… but what would I know?


Ye shortcuts makes life easier :wink:
Though i’d prefer Disk Streaming & Multi-Midi mode implemented from day 1…Hopefully it’s on it’s way!


But despite some niggles I have with the Live, like missing shortcuts, awkward next sequence, stupid clip mode, I still really like mine.

And don’t I wish it had a better reverb?


Still waiting for SSD streaming…


Mode Change via [ Menu ] + [ Pad nn ] coming in OS v2.3 as per Dan from Akai over on GearSlutz:

Quote: the functionality was not in there because we thought a touchscreen made these actions less convenient. one hand vs two hands etc. obviously, people have asked for such, so we were wrong on that thinking. So, we’re adding mode change by holding menu and tapping a pad in 2.3.



IIRC he stated otherwise earlier… oh nvm

Glad its coming! If its even customizable, I’ll make mine mimic the 1000 layout :wink:


what the hell is up with that reverb…


Taken from Akai’s FB page:

“Stay tuned - our largest ever update for MPC X, LIVE and MPC 2.0 Software is coming soon!”

Lets see what this brings to the table. I’m excited :slight_smile:


i dunno, i’m afraid to get excited about this, might be not what i wanted all this time (and that’s too many things)…
well, at least, there gonna be shortcuts, that’s good


p-locks/automation editing or gtfo :joy:


Conditional / random events would be nice too. :smiley:

Akai are saying that this is their biggest update so far.