MPC Live & MPC X


Same as the live.


Not making a big deal about it but just had another go in the shop with the live pads plus adjusting in menu and the MPC5000 pads with the tape mod kill it for sensitivity (if thats your thing) I can get 1 velocity consistently by just lightly touching the pads now and obviously all the way up…and softer too (standard grey,softer than the standard MPC1000 pads) Just cant get better at this point.Which makes me feel it will be hard to replace.Basically the best pad set up ive had so far.For detailed percussion.Edit-i might just start controlling the software with the 5k !!!


Those stock pads on the black are good. I have the MPD232 and those have the fat pads that you’re used to on the live. Technically I can throw the MPD232 in my USB hub and use the dedicated studio black Mpc buttons if I really miss those fat pads.

Dedicated buttons was why I went with the studio black. I’m sure if they made an updated renaissance MK II I would buy it.


Hey Yogos_Arabatzis, thousand hundred of thanks ! :))))))
I was about to sell it, with regrets just because of that.
Promised, next time I take time to RTFM



Yes I knew that. Thx for help


thx tsutek for explaining. I will give it a try in the next days.


Actually seems like someone had a similar conversation over at GS regarding the same topic. They claimed that if you make a song into a new sequence, the program changes will be lost?

If that is the case, then I’m afraid you need to add in all the pgm chng commands manually in list edit mode :zonked:


I think the best is to sync both song mode and arranger mode in each machine.


yes, but this will not work for DT & DN as they don’t have proper songmodes.


Ah, right.


i dunno, i’m fine with my a4-rytm being late after switching to next sequence. helps to smooth the transition.


is there anyone, who’s using mpc live input while playing?
my mpclive is midi master, got some stuff synced to it via midi thru box (elektron analog four, for example). and they sound perfectly in sync, if i plug them into mixer. but if i plug them in mpc live input, and turn monitoring inputs - it always sounds with latency, not a huge one, but still. not usable at all for percussive stuff.
and defeats whole looper thing for me


I have noticed the same problem. I guess it’s a limitation. Limitations are good?


I’ve been thinking about selling my MPC 2500 for the Live, but things like this keep me from doing it.

Are you saying the incoming audio has latency? Are you hooked up to the computer (in controller mode)?

Just seems crazy to me that even the MPC 500 can monitor audio while the sequence plays & you can record, while the sequence plays, no latency whatsoever, but the MPC Live has latency?

If this is true, I would think it is a bug… & hopefully it gets straightened out. The Live seems amazing in so many ways (the X too, but costs a little more than I want to pay).


I actually love limitations, just depends on the limitation :level_slider::control_knobs:


IIRC there is some latency when monitoring through the live. But recording with the looper sounds like its synced ok. I always use the looper with monitoring off so not sure about any latency issues personally.

Can you try using the looper recording with monitoring off to see if it still introduces latency that way?


Yeah, I haven’t noticed any latency with the looper.
But I also only really use it for guitar stuff, so not very percussive typically.


I asked the Live users over in MPC forums about latency & 1 response was:

I know people had issue with midi latency in controller mode, using the mpc software because the Audio Device Type was not ASIO and they did not select the right Device.

Hopefully this helps…but if we’re talking software & using the MPC Live as a controller there could be a lot of reasons for latency.


tried it, it sounds the same, with or without monitoring :confused:


This is an issue. The best way I have found around it is to sample using the looper and do not monitor the signal. The looper will make sure everything records in sync.