MPC Live & MPC X


Cheers for the info.


How are you dudes out there with the X getting on? Only really heard talk about the live. obviously there pretty much the same OS but they’re pretty different. Is that big screen comfortable to use in the long term? Are you using the 16 encoders a lot? Anything else to note? I’m not seeing any Xs on eBay and I’m hearing little talk about them, I’m unsure if this is because people kept them and are happy or just because not many people bought it



2.1 update


Nothing really exciting for me, but all the bug fixes are very welcome. I’ll update during the weekend, hopefully.


How is the workflow on the MPC Live? Im curious about how often you need to stop the sequencer to do something. Do you have to stop it to sample? Or edit samples?


Yeah it’s not very exciting is it. My live went back a while ago, just spotted the update and thought some might find it useful. Ive been keeping an eye on it when I see stuff pop up, would have thought they’d be making bigger strides by now. Makes me wonder how long it’ll take for the interesting updates to come


This is a pretty cool firmware update. You can now create and upload your own chord progressions.

The standalone MPC Live or X will now load user progressions - To use your progressions in the standalone MPC X or Live, on your preferred storage device (MPC internal SATA drive, SD card or USB Flash drive) create a folder called Progressions at the root level. Next, on your desktop computer navigate to your user progressions directory Mac ~/Library/Application Support/Akai/MPC/Progressions, Windows C:\ProgramData\Akai\MPC\Progressions and copy your user progressions into the Progressions folder on your preferred storage device. Lastly, in standalone mode, connect your storage device to your MPC Live or X, when you go to Pad Perform > Progressions your MPC will read the user progressions in your Progressions folder and add them to the Progressions list.


Read the Pad Perform Progression update. That can be pretty significant for many users.


I will be getting a MPC X once I get my tax return. I am going to use it for samples with my Rytm and have it replace the Engine as my main hardware sequencer. Cant wait!


Posted this in other forums too…Hope you’ll find it useful…
Ever wanted to switch back and forth from a clip program to a drum program and your clips keep looping?Until AKAI implements it properly a poor man’s workaround is this:
In a clip program hit the pad with the loop you want to keep playing and then Menu -> Sample Edit -> Enable Loop mode inside Trim menu -> Main -> Edit Clips -> Switch to another sample and again back to the one you had and voila!!!..That’s it!
Now you can keep looping without any distractions!

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Can anyone comment on the overall MIDI Sync of the the MPC LIVE?
I’m thinking about getting one instead of the Octatrack and I want to make sure it’s sending tight clock and that my RYTM MK1 and A4 Mk1 will stay locked.

also, is the “late” PC change issue a problem with the MPC? As in can I send a PC message a little ahead so it triggers the RYTM/A4 in time?

Thank you!


If MPC is your master clock device in your chain everything’s tight!That’s how i use it…


Great, if I get one, that’s how I plan to use it as my AR and A4 seem to respond well to MIDI sync while slaved.
Thank you!


Although I do experience some latancy when also using the audio input of the MPC at same time.

Audio conversion in OT is better it seems, so using the audio inputs of the MPC is not good idea for live playing I guess


ooh, that could be an issue. Had not thought about that


I just got my mpcx and with it as master ive had no midi issues and it sequences the virus to nicely.


That’s interesting to hear. Have you had a chance to properly A/B this diff?

I haven’t noticed a significant ”quality loss” with my MPC live AD, but then again, I’ve never pushed it nor delved deep into sampling etc with it yet, been mostly just playing back prerecorded samples and using the MIDI seq…


I’m selling my MPC Live if anyone is interested in the UK or Ireland


Midi out over USB on new firmwares? for ipad maybe? :slight_smile: