MPC Live & MPC X


I traded my MPC Live for Octatrack. Best decision i’ve ever made. On paper MPC live is great but I didn’t love it… also they’re customer support and windows issues made me resent them a little. Last time i’m buying large corporation audio products. You just can’t compare it to the way some smaller companies like Elektron look out for their users. I must say, even though there can be frustrating stuff with their products too, I’m really impressed with Elektron in this regard. For me at least it makes a huge difference to how much risk it feels like trying out one of their new products involve.


I have considered this route in part because I believe the Live is a poor investment in the long run… its not the most robust feeling machine either in terms of build. The work that gets done is my primary concern however… and though I’ve yet to use an octatrack, my impression is that it is not as immediate to me as the Live.


yes, I think that any elektron machine demands some work to really understand. However since I already had experience from working with A4 I actually found the Octatrack (MK2) supprisingly easy to work with.


Any idea on how to get long moving delays on an MPC Live?


Youu can automate the fx params via the qlinks, and record the movements as automation. Check qlink edit.


Hey guys

I have ordered an MPC Live but I am wondering how I will be able to use my Hardware effects with it (Roland Space Echo - Reverbs, Various guitar effects pedals, Moog Midi Murf)

I will put 3 examples of how I would like to use the effects. Maybe some of you could let me know if these are possible?

  1. Apply effects to samples and or any sounds recorded onto the Live, and have the sound with the effects applied recorded onto the Live.

  2. Apply effects to sounds going into the Live ie Vocals, Guitar, Synths.

  3. Apply effects to Sounds coming out of the Live in a Live environment, Real time.

I want to do all of this in standalone mode.


All three should be possible with a bit of planning. You can resample anything back into it, and you have 6 individdual outputs you can use as ”aux seends” to your pedals/fx. Only one set of audio inputs though so you can only resample one aux at a time if you want to capture all auxes separately.


I use either the ipad or the A4 as effect processors and for both the process is similar.

1- Connect the MPC Live output 3/4 to the mixer or effect, then in the Live either route the output of a pad/program to that output (Or you can use a send, but for resampling I prefer to record the full wet signal that I can later mix back in as a layer). Mixer or effect output goes into the MPC Live input

2- Easy-peasy, just plug your effect how you want then the final effect or the mixer are plugged into the Live input

3- Same as 1, I don’t think it makes any difference.


Thanks Guys.

Very happy that its possible. The comment below by an Akai Employee on their forum got me worried.

" Nick D (Employee) 5 months ago

This would require an insert input which the Live does not have. It may be possible to implement this with a future update so I will submit this to the development team for you! "

Is he perhaps referring to doing something else?


Get a Mackie mixer that has anywhere from 4 to 12 channels. Those will have send/returns and you’ll be good.


Perhpas he didnt understand the question? The thing has outputs and inputs, so obviously you can put stuff between them.



This feature seems very cool. Do you know how to do it?


Great video.


I would never expect to hear “Octatrack” and “Instant gratification” in the same sentence. But nice video though.


Maybe after the first year… :joy:


it’s more an audio podcast… :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t think the video gives anything here …


Another point of view


Yeah, far from it imo.


There’s a 2.0.7 firmware update available.

But there’s no info available regarding fixes or additions.


Akai rep. says it’s just minor bug fixes, like one of the effects was previously crackling / noisy.