MPC Live & MPC X


Then stick that SP1200 preset in your master that acts like a limiter :wink: If you want to compress do it individually on your tracks


thanks! tried it, sounds ok to me.
but what is a difference between those vintage modes? i mean, mpc3000, mpc60 and sp1200 effects. couldn’t find anything in manual, and sound difference seems very subtle…


Are you sure you need limiting for your live performance though? Commercially released music is often processed a certain way and with a certain loudness because it cannot be assumed that a FOH engineer will be looking after the levels of the performance etc. Are you sure you realle need all that processing in a live situation? Let the FOH engineer worry about the levels and just make sure it sounds good on its own in the MPC.


On AKAI site says: “Vintage Modes allow you to choose an emulation of vintage sonic qualities from classic drum machines and samplers.”
Only the SP1200 mode acts like a limiter…With the other modes you need to adjust your programs levels so it won’t hit red on your main out 1-2…
I personally made a feature request about a high quality limiter effect for standalone use…


yeah, i think i do, cause i mix it myself together with elektron boxes, so would be a good thing to have at least mpc under control.
and also mpc live tends to sound really nasty, if levels are a bit red, and it could happen quite easily, with layers and stuff, even with compressors on. funny, cause i don’t remember such stuff with mpc1000, it was lovely all the time.


Crank that master hardware knob to the max and try the -9 to -12db rule I’ve told you on programs.That’s the right way trust me…It’s all about controlling digital clipping!As tsutek told you very correctly let the live engineer worry about the levels and do your own correct and controlled mixing inside the MPC.


He’s right you know! :smiley:


thanks Yorgos, gonna try that ))


There’s a lot to wade through here, tbh I have not been following this thread intensly.

But I have a question about the MPC Live - does it have any onboard synths?

Also, how’s the general view on the MPC Live 6 months on? Is it awesome?

I find myself frustrated with various limitations of Elektron gear sometimes and wonder if the Live might be a sweet spot



It’s rad


No on board synths. I use single cycle waveforms, which can be layered and played chromatically with polyphony. There are modulation limitations but lots of automation possibilities. Lots can be done with multi sampled instruments as well.


It’s my first mpc and I’m really happy with it! Still learning but I’m getting there.

Very different from an elektron though, but I think they complement each other nicely.


No oscillator modelling, but you can use samples plus filters and modulation. Since it has a reasonable amount of RAM, you can get good granularity in terms of say - a sample (or stack of samples, which can cycle per trigger) per note value.

So, it’s reasonably powerful. Couple it with a good analogue modelling multi-timbral synth, like say a Virus Ti, and you have a lot of coverage.

I do find the key-group setup a bit un-intuitive. Key-groups are the mechanism for loading samples to be played back per MIDI note. I’d normally rather hook up to an external synth for melodic stuff, rather than use key-groups.

I prefer the sequencer to Elektron’s, especially the ability to use more than 4 bars without having to resort to chains or tempo trickery. I just hope that Akai continue to make incremental improvements.



Getting better with every update.

It’s not a perfect machine, for me it replaced the OT, but I wish it had the A4’s reverb and the automation power of the Elektron sequencers. Not being able to draw or program automations in standalone mode is a bummer.


As someone who is trying to decide between the Octatrack MKII or the Akai MPC Live, can you expand on that remark on the automation. Are you saying you can’t draw in MIDI automation on the piano roll in standalone mode?



No, in standalone mode you can only record automations in real time and edit them in an editor.
You can’t draw them on the piano roll, you can’t add automations from the editor.
In controller mode, you can draw the automations with a mouse, but not on the touch screen.


Thanks for the quick response, I’m quite surprised that hasn’t been implemented, let’s hope it gets revised in a later firmware. Are you running version 2.0.5?


Yes, I’m on the latest version. I hope for this feature every time I turn my Live on. But despite this I still like it


i ordered mine 5 minutes ago from thomann. lets see. was b-stock 1111 euro


now i can use 1 octa for drums a/b, kick c and bass d as thru and the other octa for synths and flex recording the hole piece for live mangling and jaming. all into mpc for bouncing, saving samples and buidling the song. i am so happy and the poorest guy on earth.