MPC Live & MPC X


IIRC loops can only be oneshots’ unfortunately.

Perhaps you can render the looping into the sample directly? If you only need a few iterations of the loop, that is…


Oh I see.

Not sure I’m completely getting this ;D. I don’t really need anything to loop. It’s just a sample that I want to trigger short parts of. With Note on.

Do I maybe need to bounce the slices to new audio files or?


Try bouncing, should be easy enough. You can bounce down audio from the folders menu IIRC


Your answer is in one of the tabs in the Program Edit menu.

And the manual :wink:


I was searching the manual like a crazy person, promise :smile_cat:

And there it is! Hiding behind the “LFO MODULATION” tab?! :smiley:
Thank you so much for the help, now I can get back to the music again!!


This is my first mpc and I have only had the mpc live for a short while. Still going through the manual, but it is an absolute blast so far, loving this machine.

The portability and the fact that you can make music on this thing super fast has been very inspirational and i have been banging out ideas on this thing constantly. And have been taking it everywhere. Basically, it has been loads of fun



Agreed. Super lame placement for something related to one-shots and ADSRs.


Yep… they also stuck mute groups on that page. Both should be on the master page


Someone is using NI Maschine with a cheap tablet:

Just in case, you want to use NI Maschine as sequencer … it could be done with a windows tablet… dont know how sampling will be - but i think sequencer wise - it couldnt be so bad.


I’ve heard a couple instances of the latest update causing some issues with the chorus and flange effects.

Does anyone know if this is an issue with every unit that has applied the update or hit and miss?


Has anyone else had any issues with their unit not playing (sequencer doesn’t start when hitting play) as well as no sound being audible? Happens immediately after starting/loading a project, so it’s sort of like loading into a freeze. Say maybe 10% of the time? So far I’ve had this happen on both 2.0.3 and 2.0.5. I reeeealllly do not want to have to send this back.


I remember that thread! I did run Machine 2 & Ableton on an HP convertible (Win7/64) - It was a nice compact setup.
I used both the Maschine surface and a launchpad as the the on-screen controls in both apps (knobs & faders) were pretty unusable with touch.


I believe you that the touch aspect is not good - but just for visualizing, and sample playback + midi sequencing - it could be a very lightweight setup. But its still missing the audio tracks that the MPC features. And the more i use NI Maschine, the questions arises - why no audio tracks :confused:


No idea, never used chorus or flanger, but I’ll try to remember checking tonight


I believe the main outs are hitting the red zone…Turn down your programs volume at -9 to -12db so that main outs 1-2 won’t overload


guys, i’ve been struggling with finding a good master compressor setting.
can anyone recommend something?
i usually use this one on master, together with eq, but i guess, it could be better. also i don’t think that it’s good in limiting stuff, sometimes it clips :confused: any advice?


I advise you not to put any limiters on your master…Try lowering your programs to about -12db so you won’t hit the red zone in your main outs cause digital clipping is the worst…Do your boosting with parallel compression and limiting in your DAW…That’s your safest bet!


nah, no daw, i’m all about the live performance without laptop )


Ye me too man but how you record your live playing?External recorder like Zoom’s and stuff?


i record with zoom h4 if needed, and with my laptop at home…
but i’m using mpc live mostly for live performances in clubs, so i want to use it’s compressors, cause i don’t have any external ones ) mmm, maybe i have in motu, but that’s another box to bring with, so i don’t bother