MPC Live & MPC X


Ok cool thanks, I will try this with clip mode. Not sure what you mean by ‘disappear next time’, but will try and see, thanks!


Had that too… but not often… restarting worked for me… othereise superstable


Crossfade looping would make a difference, but tbh as it is now it’s quite an amazing machine…


So this is the end of the road for me when it comes to Akai.
I’ve spent hour’s of support with Microsoft and akai running my phone bill up with over 300 dollars having them access my computer remotely .
Akai refuses to take any responsibility for the issue and basically says there is something wrong with my computer witch is a new computer with zero issues and i have installed lot’s of other gear. No problem ever… Also had a the Microsoft tech test my whole f**in system. It’s a real shame cause I think it had true potential. I just can’t use that much money on a product where it’s company treats it’s customers this way. U can say what you will on Elektron bugs… they have them… but at least they take their customers seriously and have great support:) So I will get an Octatrack instead. All will be well. Akai… Never again


New MPC software released yesterday for info.


What new software?


MPC 2.0 beta - the one which runs on you host PC/Mac. If you have a hardware MPC, you get a license for that too.


Hi there,

just a little question for more advanced mpc users than me.

I struggle with a sooooooo basic problem…

I was wondering if there is a way to launch a sequence with init settings ?

I’m preparing a live set and I have lot’s of tracks/pads that needs to start muted.

Problem is Mpc live always remembers the state I left the track in when moving to another sequence which is a great feature while playing through sequences.

But in my situation I have to manually re-mute everything when working/training on specific parts like transitions…Huge pain since there are tons of pads to mute get back to the state I want them.

Since this is all for performing live, I do not want to use song mode, I want to have the freedom of choosing when to trigger things.

How do you guys manage such situations ?

Thanks a lot for your insights.


How bout making a copy of that particular seq and erasing the stuff that you want muted?

Or maybe mult your stuff across a few tracks and mute them (track mute), instead of micromanaging mute pad for every single sound?

lastly, tried mute groups? SUPER HANDY :wink:


The software got updated? And now matches the features and UI layout changes of the 2.0.5 standalone?


Hey thanks for the reply !

About your first proposition,I have to admit I don’t quite get it… If events are erased, how am I supposed to get them back on ?

Track mute is a way of reducing the pain, but the problem seems to remain the same at a higher level…If I play a one hour liveset, I will still have to prepare the next with muting/unmuting stuffs along 40 or 50 sequences…

Lastly, I never bothered with mute groups, I gonna check that !

Thanks a lot !


What I mean is this - lets suppose you have a “song” that you want to start with very little elements, and build up. lets assume that it has 4 parts (could have lots more but for this example 4 is easier to demo). So could start the song with a seq 1 containing stuff only one track 1 (intro)

1 2 3 4

Here the x denominates that there is content only on track 1
Then, you want to add the second track, so you jump to seq 2

1 2 3 4
x x

ok, now you wanna hit the full arrangement and work freely with the mutes, so you jump to seq 3

1 2 3 4
x x x x

Does this make sense?


Yes, that makes sense but, if I understand correctly, after jamming with seq3, I’ll have to go back putting it in its default state… :stuck_out_tongue:


No need to do that unless you intend on coming back to seq3 at a later time.


The software’s now at

Here’s the notes:


I haven’t kept up with the MPC Live at all or this thread. Would anyone mind giving a general consensus on the product so far? Are people happy with it? Or is it buggy and/or a pain in the butt workflow-wise? I find myself getting drawn to it as my musical style changes a little.


Can’t speak for a general consensus but I know that it doesn’t suck and works as it should. Fun box.



No idea wrt consensus either, but AFAIK from this board and GS, response has been optimistically positive. More love than hate IMO.

The OS updates are nowhere finished yet, and even now the machine(s) are quite usable. Akai has certainly released OS updates much more frequently than with the previous standalones (4k & 5k took YEARS to get anywhere IIRC)

Personally I think it’s the best standalone MPC yet unless we only focus on sound quality… On that front I doubt that the 60, 3k and 4k will ever be bested. Some power features from JJOS are still missing, But most major omissions are being adressed and are already on the OS dev roadmap (multitimbral input, automation editing…)


So I’m new to MPC, and have been trying to solve this for a while but I’m stuck… :confused:

I added a loop to the Sample Edit mode, and I created some Chops. I then saved this as a drum program with the cops assigned to pads.

So now I want to play this drum program in Main mode, playing the pads with Note on (only play the slice when the pad is being pused down), but I simply cant pull it off. It’s stuck in One shot, and I don’t understand how to change it…

Is there any kind soul out there that knows how to solve this?