MPC Live & MPC X


it doesn’t work sadly. some users get really worked up about it over at the akai forum… and I agree, it would be such a cool and easy feature. please bug them on the forum as well as sending it to support. maybe we’ll get it after all… baffled they left this one out


Another one guys, so now its great that we can use copy on grid edit, but its shift function which is delete… Doesnt delete? What does it delete exactly? Am I just going about this completely wrong trying to treat it as if its anything like legacy MPC workflow? And I cant save a sample on the MPC live unless its a program? This thing seems so easy to use but also missing some glaringly obvious functions, the idea for it is great but I can understand peoples frustration, or am I just missing something? Im afraid a long long hard read of the manual is in order which I never really found with old school MPCs. Gonna have to start with a fresh approach


Yeah, samps always need to be assigned to a program, unless you want to spend one audio track for it

As for delete, no idea, never used it… I always only delete data with the eraser tool and with the actual ERASE button…


I fully missed the erase button, whats it doing all the way over there! How embarrasing, nice one mate, im gonna hide with the manual for a while before asking any further stupid questions


hehe, all good sir! there are no dumb questions.


Since I bought my machine in late May there has been 1 software update and 2 firmware updates.

I have been able to install it fairly flawlessly on both mac and pc.

Here is a checklist of things you might want to go over on your pc (even if you have tried them before it’s worth a go!!)

Go to the software and click check for updates under help

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed

Go to your 2.0 Installer software folder and click the .exe file. It will ask if you want to install the whole package again, so just choose the middle option only (update driver only) select the Live, then if it say’s it’s already installed, select repair only. (make sure the Live is unplugged)

Restart your PC. Plugin in your live over USB and put it into controller mode. Go to the software, you might have to re select the akai core audio driver ( I would do this even if it you want to use another device, just to establish some form of connection, then change it back)

You should be okay.

If this doesn’t work, there is something else to check in connection with the firmware. I’m not sure if installing the latest firmware update bypasses the need to install the previous firmware update, ie if you have to do it in order.


Oh man! Why did you post this? :confounded:
I have it too!
But I bought my MPC in May so I don´t care…moreover I think it´s just the pad sensor sheet underneath the pads which has some play, nothing big to worry about.


Thank you for responding. I did what you suggested. Unfortunately I’m still unsuccessful. I still get the error “MPC Live Audio Device Monitor” failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system." when I try to install the driver. Both installation and repair result in this. Only way to progress is to hit ignore.

I’m trying to establish if this is what’s causing the issue or not. Did you get this error when installing on windows? I’m on the latest update for Windows 10, Akai firmware, mpc software, and ilok manager.

Also I’m not able use the akai pro mpc live asio. I get “error when trying to open audio device! No hardware found or already in use!” However I was able to update the firmware successfully yesterday, so that connection worked. I also tried installing the firmware in succession but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Thanks again for helping


I hope so but akai are ignoring my emails which isnt really helping.

just found out theres no legato/portamento/glide or crossfade looping, theres snap to 0 but im really not getting a smooth loop on a sampled synth sound that I wanna make into a keygroup, anyone got a way to make this happen?


Small fade out on the very end of the sample?

No glide or porto


Id call them. I got zero response to emails when querying something while I was selling.


Yeah I gave this ago, works okay for sampling loops but for making a smooth looping keygroup is no good, bit of a shame.

Can people do me a favour and please request the features pattern to pad, legato/glide and crossfade looping? People with old MPCs will know the score and anyone new to MPCs trust me you will use these features. Im sure you have all probably already made feature requests but if not the smiley face button on the bottom right of 2.0 sends an email to the devs. If anybody wants me to do a feature request with important missing features write it here, the more voices means the more likely we get heard


The list editor needs an option to define specific autiomation data and be able to thin the data. Im not using the software otherwise I would forward this to the devs.


MPC Forum dot com


Sorry to hear it didn’t work out

I would be tempted to do a clean install of the software and Akai audio drivers. (No need to remove the I-lok)

You could just try a clean install of the drivers first, but I think it would be best to remove everything and start a fresh (you might have to reactivate the software again under ilok)

I’m not sure how familiar you are with clean installs and deleting registry values, but here is what I would do.

Control panel…….uninstall Akai professional 1.05 and MPC 2.01

Go to your X86 Program folder delete the entire Akai Professional Folder.

On the search bar type %appdata%. In the roaming folder delete the entire MPC folder. In the local folder delete the entire Akai professional folder.

Next is the most important bit. Going to have to delete some registry values manually as repair apps like ccleaner won’t do this for you.

Some cautionary notes:
You will need to delete values labelled as Akai, but also inMusic, who own other brands in addition to Akai (Numak. Denon, Alesis etc). If you don’t have any other drivers installed on your pc for these products, the process will be a lot quicker as you can just delete a whole folder instead of looking for MPC live components.

Without having actually uninstalling the software myself some of the values listed below, might be removed with the initial uninstall process.

But here is what you need to check and delete.

On search bar type regedit.

HKEY Classes Root……Expand (delete the folders MPC live panel settings, MPC project, MPC Archive (right click on folder to delete)

HKEY Current User…software……delete the folder Akai and Akai professional

HKEY Local Machine…….Software……ASIO….delete the folder Akai MPC Live ASIO

HKEY Local Machine…….Software……inMusic (delete this folder)
HKEY Local Machine…….Software……Wow 6432 Mode….ASIO……delete Akai MPC Live ASIO folder
HKEY Local Machine…….Software……Wow 6432 Mode….inMusic (delete this folder)

Close the registry. Run Ccleaner to clean up all the registry values. Empty Trash

Restart your machine

You can now try new install.


For feedback you can use this link
it’s the same as the one opened by the software


Thanks. I think I managed the clean installation but it didn’t work. Meanwhile I installed it on my other (not really good enough for music) laptop where it installed fine. It has the same windows update which is strange.

I tried to search for similar windows issues. It seems to have something to do with the mpc service that won’t start. When I go to services and try to start the service manually I get: error 1053: The service did not respond to the start control request in a timely fashion." I tried the solutions I could find but it hasn’t worked so far. Seems like a few others have similar problems. Don’t know if they found a solution. Guess I’ll have to talk to Microsoft support


If the platform is relatively standard hardware and the kernel is Linux, disk streaming should be technically possible.

That would really cement it as the core of my live setup!


Dan from AKAI confirmed that Disk streaming and multi-timbral features are coming…

Didn’t give a time frame though…


Id be amazed if you see either in 2017 (probably not even before Summer 2018) but they are at least communicating and acknowledging the ever increasing wish list and the various short falls.

I’ll be keeping an eye on how things go with the Live. If they can get it to a place where these bells and whistles are added it truly will be a great bit of hardware.