MPC Live & MPC X


Yeah I’d keep the 1k, the mv is a monster and unique in its own way but I really doubt what happened with jj will happen again ever with anyone, put it in the loft and forget about it for 20 years if you can go without selling it it’s already on the verge of retro technology wise, they’ve been around a while now. Hmm I wonder what the future of MVs and the like will be. Keep all the gear!


Try right clicking and running as admin


I wish, instead event editing is only done via a list…


thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it did not make a difference. I still get the same message as in the picture too. Did any of you get the same message when installing the drivers?


unfortunately im a mac user, the only other thing I can say if that didnt work is check your user privileges and give the whole thing a wipe and start fresh. I had mad issues when installing akais VIP software for their advance keyboards, finally after reinstalling about 400 times I tried to redownload it from the website. often downloads from the akai website are slow for me, I think sometimes there can be errors in the download if it stops and starts, it could potentially be something to do with their website, I don’t know, but just delete all the software and redownload it, check your user privileges before doing so. hopefully a windows user can make some further suggestions


drawing automation and sidechaining are fairly obvious and important additions, kind of glad to be catching this in the early days knowing that there are inevitable performance updates to come. if it was missing copying in grid edit i’m sure there is a lot more on the way. can you draw automation in controller mode on mpc 2.0? barely had time to dig in to it

Can anyone with a live do me a favour and check something, I get a quiet creaky noise when I press the bottom right corner of pad 9, bottom left of ten and the top right of 5 and left of 6 in the cross where they all meet, it only seems abnormal cause it’s only in that spot, does anyone else have this? Almost a pop when I actually drum it unless I hit the pad bang on central


hmmmm, i feel like this standalone warping is a bit off.
i’m making a loop, say 132 bpm 8 bars in ableton live. loading it in mpc live in drum program. it says 132 bpm on the sample, i press warp, note on, and loop repeat. and when i put it at the start of the sequence, it sounds a bit off tempo, a bit wonky and shuffled. and when i turned off warp, it sounds ok and in sync.
can anyone test this?
i had same stuff with clip program warping in standalone. it did the same thing on my loops, but when i choosed another stretch algorithm in software or turned warping off, problem dissapeared.
i suspect some kind of bug in this standalone stretch thing. or it’s just not the same bpm like in ableton (but that would be super weird) :slight_smile:


Anyone out there?


yeah, i also have this sound. not much trouble though


Hmm weird, are we sure this isnt a design problem? The rest of the pads are rock solid but this doesnt seem like a good thing on a brand new £1000 machine, I wouldnt want the pads failing a bit down the line because I didnt pay attention to this. Can anyone confirm that they dont have this? I doubt anyones taken one of these apart yet to have a look. I really dont wanna complain about this box, its really great, im wondering if this is just because its new and itll stop when its worn in


I don’t have this issue (Just tested) ALL pads are rock solid.


It does this to me randomly without banging the pads…My guess it has to do with the plastic screwed at the sides of Live…Kinda got used to it and like it actually…It’s like the machine’s got soul :stuck_out_tongue:


:fearful: I dont wanna send it back. At least ive got 30 days, if it continues I might have to go for a replacement. Im just scared cause its in one spot across multiple pads. It sounds like it could be some kind of coating from the manufacturing process, kind of creaky as if somethings lightly sticking, its not way loud, it functions perfectly and lights up changing colour with pressure evenly over the whole pad as normal. I dont know whether to be worried about this. All feels rock solid though, its only 2 days old so im not worried yet


If in doubt I’d email Akai support and see what they think about it.


Oh my goodness! Dan from Akai just replied to soneone on GS asking about being able to sequence the VST plugin of MPC:

“…proper multi-channel external sequencing will come along with multitimbral support.”

So in the future, not only will you be able to sequence your MPC externally from a DAW but MULTITIMBRAL INPUT WILL BE POSSIBLE!! My prayers have been answered! Very happy right now


Also disk streaming confirmed!


Well, to the extent that they’d very much love to pull it off… Or have they now stated that they will be able to pull it off at some point? If so that’s great news!


"Hi Dan,

are there any plans to add a “stream audio tracks from disk” option instead of having to use the RAM for that?"

Dan says
“yes, definitely, not sure on the timeframe for that, but it’s something we want to do.”

Also I asked about CC grid editing, he said
“automation editing, cc’s etc is also on the roadmap. Again, I can’t promise when”


I got the MPC Live a week ago and trying to figure out how to do this…

Basically I want to hit a pad and have the loop keep going even if i take my finger off the pad. And other pads I want them to just be one shots. And once i hit the pad that is looping again, i would like it to stop.

This seems like pretty basic functionality, but not sure if it is possible. Does anyone know how to do this?


loop going on without holding - only with clip mode. also before you push the pad - press overdub to record it, or it will dissapear next time you’ll play drum programs.
one shots - you also can do them at clip mode, just choose ‘pad play’ - one shot, instead of toggle. and turn off pad quantize.