MPC Live & MPC X


MPC Live main stereo outputs into a mixer. Various modules e.g. Waldorf Blofeld, into the same mixer.

Nothing complicated really.

I’ve love to be shown that I’m doing something wrong though! :slight_smile:


blofeld kinda has huge latency itself…

Audio Out - Max. Jitter: 11 samples (0.23ms)
Average Latency: 137 samples (3.62ms)


OK, but exactly the same applies to: Minitaur, Virus Ti, Supernova2, Kronos, Nord Wave, Nord G2, SH101 via a Kenton Midi-to-CV unit, Voyager, Z1, and Nord Lead 3. Haven’t tried the Elektron units, various Korg Electribes, Nord Drums, TD30 V-Drums or various other bits and pieces I haven’t turned on in a while…

I’m talking about a very noticable lag. 150ms-ish.

Note - I’m specifically referring to note-on messages, not MIDI clock sync.


Let me remind you that not all samples are aligned at the start of the waveform…I’ve made the exact mistake and was like wtf with this latency…


I’m not sure that would explain it.

With no samples running at all, if I hit a pad, there’s a very noticeable delay before the external modules are triggering.

Unless sample alignment can be set to trigger early, pushing all other events backwards…?

Edit: reading page 141 of the manual (offset slider), it almost sounds like that is a possibility. I’ll start from scratch, with a blank project.


That was somewhat expected or not ? I.e. that the MPC Live will introduce latency :frowning:


Since in this scenario, MPC is the master device, which has control of the timing for all the events, I’d hope that it should be able to tie together internal note-on event propagation with external sending of note-on via the MIDI port(s).


to recap - you’re trying to trigger the blofeld from the LIVE? i had zero perceived latency playing the machinedrum and couldn’t even make it choke when sending some insane note repeats. I suppose you have tried to simplify your set up? i.e. one midi out of LIVE into just one device, no hubs splitter etc in between? (could it be a patch on the blofeld with a long attack?)… sorry if this isn’t of any help. good luck


Useful info - thanks. Just knowing that it’s working OK for someone else, suggests that there may be a setting at my end.

So, I’ve just tried it again with a blank project - and it’s now working! I then loaded the project from yesterday and that’s working too. The unit must have gotten itself into an odd state. :confused:


I encountered some oddness and lag when using it straight out of the box. Updating to 2.03 solved it


This unit came with 2.03 pre-installed. I’m hoping that 2.05 will be a bit less buggy.


The converters AD converters on the Live sound better to me than on the Octatrack I had. The Octa seemed very sterile sounding to me.


I’ve read somewhere that the live’s inputs have some sort of limiter hardwired to the input stage, anyone noticed this? I’ve never ran anything into mine super-hot so haven’t noticed any limiting action though…


I think the fidelity of sampling is good I have not noticed any limiter at play.


Heads up, firmware 2.0.5 is finally out!!

Patch notes:


and mine is due to be delivered tomorrow morning :grin:


New update’s nice. Thanks!


A nice looking update though some are already saying the new time stretch isn’t good enough.

Having sold my Live, I’m still interested to see where Akai take this over the next 12 months or so. I hope they keep at the updates and fine tune this one nicely. Never know, might entice me back.


People will always complain.

I personally DO love complaining about Akai as they come across as a bit shady, but the Live is a great tool, my only complains are quite minor now, I don’t like the sound of the reverb and the lack of sidechain, but there are quick and easy ways around as the routing on the Live is really good.

What baffles me is the lack of midi out over usb.


This update is a move on the right path !

I hope they’ll add some user requested features next like free lfos assignable to more dest and shortcut to navigate menus. Reading all the complaints I was anxious waiting for it to arrive, finally I really find it a nice piece of gear !