MPC Live & MPC X


Got my MPC Live yesterday. Haven’t had chance to give it a good run-through yet, but am liking the quick sequencing work-flow via the touch-screen! :slight_smile:

I’ll be thinking about how to potentially combine Octatrack with it…


Hi guys.

After playing around with my Live for some time now, I wonder if this unit is capable to work as a Multitracker, i.e. Tascam DP xx or somehow as a mixer. Is it possible to use the two input pairs simultaneously, e.g. one for recording while the other input is just looped through, just like a Metronome or for monitoring while recording a sample?



Only one pair at a time i’m afraid via switch (Phono/Line)


Hm, ok, thx for info. Any idea, if this might be different with the MPC X?


It is, MPC X can record all of its inputs at the same time.


That’d perfect. Is this confirmed or stated in the manual somewhere? As I consider selling the Live again and go for the X instead, the X shall become the center part. This would include that not always sampling will be done, but simply music from different sources shall bypass the X (which is feeded by a patchbay) and sent through the X to the speakers. Acts like a mixer. If this works with the X, I could sell my Tascam as well.


bumping my own: it does individual length per track - sadly though, only full bars


bumping my own reply: this isn’t possible from one program currently. midi programs are restricted to one midi channel and therefore you couldn’t send or record more than one MIDI channel within the samed midi program.


Ha! Edinburgh security is more MPC friendly than OP friendly. I took my OP with me for a month of travelling around Europe. As I was leaving they stopped me with the OP and started to ask questions about it… what is it? I was not going to explain to them all the functions so I said it was a portable keyboard… so they asked me to switch it on! Anyway … they let me go after one of them said that he saw one of these on instagram… and I said it belonged to my daughter. I think they were just nosy. :slight_smile:


Curious. I’m able to take individual tracks down to 1 beat.


Yea you can but it only dose the beat.


I’ve been trying to import MIDI files, without luck so far…

Edit: I think I’ve managed it! Reduced the PPQN to 96, from 480 in Cubase for the export.


After one month and a half learning at home how to use my MPC live before integrate it to my live rig I discovered yesterday at the rehearsal room that pitch bend doesn’t work properly with external hardware synths (tested with three different synths). When recognizes it then stays fixed and I have to turn the synths off. As I see in forums, Akai know this major issue since at least three months but they don’t give any answer, so my questions are: Does anyone know if this is a software bug or a hardware bug? Should I wait until next firmware update or should I send back the machine?


Apparently a new firmware update is due any time.
Will it fix this bug? No clue.
So whether you return this or not depends on how much you trust Akai and how important pitch bend is to you…


yeah, unfortunately this is a known issue. Hoping it will get addressed in the next update, and soon.


Confirmed software bug, not confirmed solution for the next update


Received an official reply from AKAI Service Team Germany, translation as follows:

“With the actual software there is no possibility to keep all 4 inputs “open”, like bypass and to monitor all 4 inputs at the same time.
Moreover, with the actual software the X is not capable to record more than 2 inputs (=1 stereo pair) at the same time.”


?? ok, thanks for the clarification. Total bummer, that one… I thought this was a major selling point for the X?


I’ve hit a huge road-block. One I’m sure others have also hit.

There’s significant latency when sequencing external kit via MIDI. The gap between an on-board hit and external note-on messages triggering a sound, is huge.

Really hoping that this gets fixed in 2.05.

…unless anyone knows of a way to work around it?


it’s all depends, what is your external kit, and where do you route audio from it…