MPC Live & MPC X


Sorry to bust your bubble…but that video has nothing to do with hacking.
Just a mouse which is connected to the USB port.
Same can be done with a USB keyboard.

I see no hacking in that video…?


Who on earth would fancy using a mouse with the live instead of the touch screen?


I wasn’t aware you could just hook up a mouse or a keyboard to the unit. Had me mad excited for a minute. We shall see, but if the jjos people get involved with the new Mpcs they will be over the top in my opinion.


That would be indeed something if he gets involved…:slight_smile:


I seriously doubt JJ will get down with the new MPCs. His earlier project was only possible because he had been working on the original OS for the 1k/2k5… He hasn’t been on board the Akai OS dev team in years.

Also, I’d wager the current MPCs use higher level programming code than the old MPCs, pretty sure you had to run very “close to the iron” with the old ones, therefore a different skillset is required wrt coding these things…


Playing about with my Live and using the free Samples From Mars synth selection - got to say, the keygroups are sounding excellent in terms of scaling. Just wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for sample sources? I could always sample things myself (and I will) but they never sound as good!

I’m looking for synthy stuff really for tune building.


Ha, man, I can be a doughball sometimes. I thought the “MPC Bible” was short videos! Sure I saw them somewhere…

@Automageddon - did you get this in the end? Yesterday was pay day and wondering if it’s worth the plunge. I could do with some guidance on some of the features but wouldnt class myself as a beginner. Anything would be better than the manual though!


It is a better version of the manual, more structured and better explained.
I haven’t read it front to back, but I keep it open when I’m playing with the MPC and check stuff if anything baffles me.

It hasn’t been super useful, as I know my way around the machine and I love learning by doing, but it comes really handy.


Something I forgot, what bothers me is that the pdf is not properly indexed, so you can’t tap on the table of content and jump there.


Really? This is news to me. Better PM the author over at mpcforums in that case… Maybe he can update the pdf


I just double-checked.
Not a biggie as you can still use the search function, but this is one of my pet-hates.


So my drummer pushed the Live off the keyboard stand. :rage: Sent the unit tumbling about a meter to the ground.

Happy to say it is pretty sturdy, still works and no visible damage.


Am about to pull the trigger on a Live. Looks like the UK price has generally fallen about £30.


Bought a 2nd hand MPC Live off eBay on Saturday night for £700 thanks to a tipoff from user @Delboy!

Fingers crossed I’ll get on with it…


drummers… those animals… lol joking… im a drummer. he was prolly framed by the keyboardist.


trust me. I have it and ive thought about it working with a mouse would be sweet. some functions would be great with the mouse.


For info, in case it’s of use, I just got to price-match against various others and they went further - down to £950.


Ye Juno are great for these kind of deals…I got Live from them for £799 when they got the 1st batch and i didn’t even preorder go figure…


Yeah - I’ve been using them for years, for digital downloaded DJ material.

Also like the fact that they use Royal Mail for parcels, which means undelivered parcels go to my local post-office, instead of a depot 30 miles away.


Absolute Music currently have 2 × unboxed MPC Live at £899