MPC Live & MPC X


Good to hear it’s running smooth :slight_smile:


I guess Akai should make a channel “Unboxing MPC Live Fans” and ask each one to unbox the beast… (seems like each one who buy this make directly an unboxing video)


Price seems to have gone up by 200€ for Live in Europe - damn…


Yes it’s crazy.

Honestly with all followers, twitter exchange, phone call to akai, to shop they know they can drop the price :wink:


that was someone who was recording the output of the mpc directly back into the inputs to resample it. when playing live or with other gear, i don’t hear or feel any latency.



i’m pretty sure that is a pube in the second photo on that ask audio review.




They have gone up in various stores in the UK as well (all will follow no doubt) its £1000 now, not such a bargain now…


Prob skip it til/unless prices come down…

Edit - looks same old price still in all except two store in quick Google shopping search? It was higher at couple stores before for a while then went back down. Akai have said £799 a LOT in vids… Pretty lame if they hike it last minute.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the two sites that have shown increases are linked to some sort of algorithim linking prices to searches. It happens in other markets. Still, a massive c25% hike is mental!


Oh man, next you’re going to tell me that Barry White isn’t responsible for getting me laid!

Anyway, I’ve read that article before. From memory Linn says what you’ve quoted, but then goes on to admit that MPC swing templates don’t sound the same on software. I think he’s just modest.


Good to hear , thanks.


A grands still a fair price weighting up the comparable competition, I wouldn’t say it’s a rip off at all fir what you get … tho, it’s still 799 in most places I can see. I can’t imagine they’re gonna hike a price before it’s even reached Europe ?! That’d be a daft move imo.


Price drop in Juno 930€ shows on my browser so the 799£ still stands…


A rip-off would be that Toraiz SP-16. $1500 for Dave Smith’s name on a box.


Future music did a good review of the live.
I am still very keen on picking one up. Maybe by the end of summer, when the madness slows down a little.


Yeah exactly, tho I’m sure the toriez is worth the price too, jus Live is at a very fair price point!! A thousand is where I’d have expected it to be tbh.

I suppose the other full featured stand alone sampler that comes to mind here is OT… not exactly comparable, tho that’s still a cool G new.


Exactly. Akai seem to have gone very sharp on price, but I’d probably pay more if I knew there was an absolute commitment to get the bugs sorted and improve features.

They’re making the right noises, but something like the Rytm update - for example - would be hard to beat for commitment to the product.


Yesterday, I received a printed catalog in the mail from “Bax Music”, a major retail chain of music gear over here in The Netherlands. This printed catalog listed the price of the MPC Live as €999, but in their web store it’s now listed as €1199.

The printed catalog also listed the MPC X as €1799 while their web store now lists it as €2199.