MPC 500 vs Korg E2 Sampler. Which is best for my needs?



I’ve never messed with an E2 [got rid of my ES-1 for my Machinedrum] but can you still do that firmware hack that’ll turn an E2 Synth into a Sampler?


Pretty sure you can’t anymore.


IMO if you are leaning towards an old mpc then get a 1000 with jjosxl.
Way better bang for buck and iirc you can use the inputs for audio in the mixer, not just in sampling mode.


For my purposes it would just be too much even though I’d love to own one. I just want to complete my small battery powered set up. I already have a Maschine MK3 and Ableton Suite with a Launchpad Pro so I’m good on the main production front. I just want something to more easily work with my SP and Circuit while I make beats on the back porch or at my folks’ house when I’m there.


Also you need to add some padding to the battery cover as the foam is so thin it doesn’t hold the batteries in place as firm as it should. I noticed that without it hitting the pads
would restart the mpc a lot because of the force of pads cutting out the batteries.


I know a few years ago you could… actually I completely forgot about that, VDB is saying you might not be able to anymore, but I’m going to do some research just incase as I just might buy it back from my brother if I can turn it into a sampler (I gave it to him for free as his first piece of gear, but the agreement was if he doesn’t use it or wants to sell it, I get to buy it back if I want for $100).

& I agree VDB, the 1000 with JJOS is a better bang for your buck, but the portability & size of the 500 seems to be what Datastrain is looking for.


This is good advice. As far as I could tell mine holds the batteries really tight, I’ve never had this issue, but it’s nice to point these things out!


I used to have an MPC500 and regret selling it… If I didn’t have the OT and Digitone, I’d get another one. I loved it right outta the box.


Wow, we have really similar taste in gear. I also have a Maschine Mk3, Ableton with a Launchpad Pro, sp404 & MPC 500 (which you might soon have) :grinning:


Like two peas in a pod! Lol.


I loved playing with the ES-1 but it didn’t survive one of my stupid binge sell and buy streaks but when I saw that you could get an E2 synth and switch it back and forth, I was tempted.

@ DataStrain: Just a thought:

If you want a battery operated sequencer and you don’t think you’d be using the sampling part of an MPC500, have you considered finding an old Yamaha QY series sequencer?


I actually have! Especially because they run cheap. My main issue with those is the small keys/pads they have. I’ve got some chunky fingers, so finger drumming with a QY seems like a no go, for me. Thanks for the suggestion, though!


…when it comes to hands on groove, nothing beats the simplicity and open horizon factor of the mpc concept…so, if a battery powered small set up is what u want, then the 500 does all the trick for u…
there are good reasons why the whole akai pad concept got copied by ALL the others at some point…
back in the days, i created whole detailed song arrangements with nothing but the internal sequencer of the mpc…
can’t say that about any elektron machine i got here…

but avoid the thick pads…really different feel…
and if u fall in love and ur battery days come to an end someday, consider a 1000 with jjos…as u already realized…way bigger bang for almost the same buck…even if all the nineties models sounded a bit better…


By thick pads do you mean the Fat Pads from MPC stuff by any chance?

And I have always wanted and MPC 1000, but seeing as how I have a Maschine MK3 it almost seems like overkill to have both, haha.


Yeah…I have an MK3, MPC 500, MPC 1000 AND MPC 2500. This def equals OVERKILL. But I didn’t do it on purpose (sold the 1000 to my brother but he got a Maschine Studio & doesn’t use the 1000 at all, so I got it back) & I’m planning on selling atleast 1 MPC, just deciding which way to go.

I absolutely love MPC’s. But I don’t need 3.

I actually like the fat pads, but they’re pretty stiff. I have fat pads & the 500 & 2500, regular pads on the 1000. The regular pads are way softer, but they could have been worn in prior to me purchasing it. Pretty sure you just gotta wear them in (that’s what I hear & it does feel like mine have gotten a little softer).


Do you have the black or blue 1000? Back when I was researching these I found that the blue had a pretty bad pad set. Like you would hit one pad and it would trigger others from the pressure and they they werent all too velocity sensitive. A buddy of mine had an old 500, stock everything, and he told me they were anything but velocity sensitive so he went for the fatpad replacement which seemed to help a lot.


I have the black 1000 (I heard the same thing about the blue ones). Apparently SOME of them have extra space between the pads & the sensors, which is what the issue was, so you can either put something under the pads or buy (can’t remember what they’re called, but MPC stuff sells them, I think they’re like cork squares you put between the pads & the sensors). & this is suppose to fix the issue.

I heard people had issues with the 500 as well, I think you can buy the same thing from MPC stuff to put between the pads & sensors…but if fat pads work too, then hey. I think fat pads are more money then the “pad fix”, but then you also get fat pads.


This is what I’m talking about ($12 compared to $40 for fat pads)


Nice! At least there are some cheaper alternatives.


I have a blue MPC1000 with the old pads. I was lucky that they work.

Problem is don’t feel as good to use as the standard pads. To me, down right unpleasant.

Upgrading is expensive and I was trying to sell the darned thing so I never bothered. I gave up trying to sell it on ebay after 3 consecutive purchasers turned out to be scammers or flakes and it’s been sitting packaged up for far too long.

I might get bored and try to upgrade it anyway.