Moving trigs within a pattern

Probably this topic is been discussed before in here, but I cannot seem to find much info about it or a decent/fast way to do this.

Lets say I have a 64 steps pattern and I want to move all tracks (8 audio + 8 midi) 32 steps ahead or behind.

How do I achieve this without going crazy? On my Korg ER-1 from 1996 I just select Move Data and choose how many steps (backwards or forward) I want to move my data. I can also choose if I want all tracks to move or just a few selected ones.
How do you do this in a straight forward manner on a Digitakt?

I refuse to believe this is done into a 25 years old drum machine within 2 button pressings and cannot be done on a Digitakt.

Thanks in advance!

believe ! … and get used to doing it per track with Fn+ < or > in step edit mode

This is just as important on the AR, especially if you start your live jam off the grid - total pain

I guessed so…what a pain.
And…can I move all trigs within the same track as many steps as I want? Or is there a limitation here too? I mean, can I move trig on step 33 to step 1?

Sure just keep tapping the button. You can move the trigs as a group any number of steps in any direction.

So, there is no way I can move all tracks together, only one track at the time. But, will the trigs within the same track move including all its parameters (amp, filter, source, lfo)?
Hope so…

They will all move in the track including plocked parameters and whatever microtiming is on the trigs as well

Always keep the belief :wink:


I keep meaning to figure out how to do this from max using sysex.

I also keep meaning to figure out how to pattern push mutes/ accents/ swings/ slides from max using sysex.

One of these days it’s gonna happen, and I’m gonna be a happy fella. rofl