Moving to Australia

Hey all

I’m moving to Australia in June. Sydney Western Suburbs

Any Elektronauts down there?
Be cool to make some local friends



Hit us up if u come by Adelaide :slight_smile:

Good luck with the move!

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Stay safe. Watch out for Drop Bears. They’ll fuck your shit up.


Where are you moving from? Might be a good idea to joing the aussie wigglers FB group. Very active. They have events in major cities.

Enjoy the boguns…

Why Sydeny western suburbs?


Aussie Wigglers


I’ll check it out when we get settled

My wife is Australian. We’ll stay with her folks in the Western Suburbs until we figure shit out.
And there’s a lot of shit to figure out.


Good luck with it all mate. I moved here ten years ago from England. Spent some time travelling around, lived in Adelaide for a bit before settling in mid north coast NSW. Big cities aint for me. I like the open space a big trees. If you need any info about getting your residency/visas driving licences etc, feel free to message me. All the best.


I’m in Bris; if you venture up lemme know i can show you round for a few beers.

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Thanks man
Might take you up on that!

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Cheers man

just in time for winter :sunglasses: where are u moving from?

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We live in Las Vegas and we’ll be leaving just in time to miss the crushing heat. :+1:

How’d you manage that? Thought we were closed to everyone except movie stars. Are you a movie star?

Edit: just in case that seemed unwelcoming, welcome! If you’re lucky you might even arrive in time for our one cold week of the year - which isn’t even that cold but it’d be kinda unfair if the rest of the world gets 4 seasons but we only get 3…

Got a cold one in the fridge for ya…

Also, im originally a westie but now im in Byron if you are ever in the area…

The western suburbs are my old haunt, where roughly are you headed…

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Dont worry, “winter” here lasts about 20 minutes. Its 20 minutes of wishing you’d worn socks because your toes are a bit nippy. Then BAM! Its back to searing heat that sucks the will to live for the rest of the year. Except for Canberra (its fucking freezing there)

written by an englishman

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Probably got permanent residency via the marriage visa.

I am currently killing time in Coffs if anyone happens to be around

Just request to join, thanks as well…

How long you in coffs for? I’m near Port Macquarie, not that far away.

Welcome fellow Westie.
Watch out for that one mystery guy in Sydney who’s positive.