MOTU Ultralite MK5

could any of ULmk5 owners please tell me if the package includes international power outlet adapters? like EU/US etc.?
I’ve seen on some screenshots (Thomann/Sweetwater) that it has them but I want to order from BHPhoto and they don’t have it advertised, so I wonder if that’s something included in all packages?

I have 2 of them (from Bax and Thomann) and both have international adapter.

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thanks! the weird thing is that I’ve posted a question on bhphoto and the staff answered that it doesn’t have them, I thought that maybe the box contents vary for each vendor. I think they maybe misunderstood my question or something…

whole set of adapters just as in your picture.

They’re boxed into the original packaging, so doubt you could buy it without the full set even if you tried.

NB - I’m in the UK.

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How is the replacement holding up?

Turns out it was the cables I was using! Certain GLS branded cables seem to have bigger separator rings between the TRS parts and it was causing dropouts. It happened with a few different cables. Works totally fine with others, and then half fine with a few various ones. Very annoying.


That’s a relief though.

That’s downright criminal.


Yeah. I actually measured them with a micrometer and the Hosa patch cables that worked had plastic insulator rings of 1.1 and 1.5 mm, the GLS had 2.4 and 2.6 mm. I never had issues with them with my Focusrite stuff, though, so I have no idea.


ok so I’ve ordered one for myself and I have another question, I have no experience with modular / CV at all, but I know my ARmk2 has a CV IN that I can use, does anyone use the outputs as CV modulation? like sending CV from Ableton or something?

do I need specific cables or the regular TRS cables I use for audio should work fine?

I believe on the Rytm you have a couple of different options to choose for the CV inputs - some unipolar some bipolar and some using trs and some only ts I believe. So I believe you can just try without breaking something.

Since Eurorack CV is just TS, I would first try a ts (instrument) cable myself, if you have one. But trs might work just the same.

(*Not responsible for any breakage;)

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for the Motu to send cv, get these cables:
Expert Sleepers FR-200 1/4" TRS to 3.5mm TS Floating Ring Cable


I have this same issue but, like you, it’s with certain cables. My quality TRS cables are fine. It’s when I use my TS mini to TS 1/4 inch cables to run euro rack in that gives me this problem. The cable quality is the obvious issue.

I’ve been super happy with this interface otherwise.

That’s the thing, though. GLS cables are usually pretty good, to my knowledge. I don’t know why their measurements are different than other brands, though.

I also had issues with cables, pretty annoying. I was wondering if you have a recommendation for cables that actually work (super) well?
Apart from that I really love the ease of routing and plan to set it up in a patch bay. However, some of my cheap TRS cables from the big big store with a T (based in Germany) gave me issues as well.

I generally use these cables from Long and McQuade as they come with a lifetime warranty. This tier of cable from them are really well-made:

The cables I had issues with are these ones. I use them for bringing 1/4" into and out of euro rack. They work fine with everything but the bottom row of the MOTU UL5 interface:

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Hosa cables have worked great for me.

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Isn’t it odd how it’s only the bottom row?!? Dah fuq!?


I just requested an RMA for my Motu since I tried various cables and still get flakey behaviour. If I wiggle and replug stuff it mostly works fine but only for one session, switching the Motu off seems to require wiggling the cable again to work. All my cables work fine with other gear. The Motu I got was a B-Stock, maybe they had a bad batch after all and I only realized the issue when I wired everything into a patchbay. Kinda annoying as in theory and once it works, it is a great interface.