Morningstar mc6

anybody try this midi foot controller wiht OT

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just got my mc6 in today. it’s working so far sending CC for scene changes and arming tracks, PC for pattern changes, and notes for recording to pickup machines. definitely would have picked one up sooner if i had known it was compatible.

by the way i normally use an inconnect midi as a host, but plugging straight in to the octatrack with the DIN ports has been working fine as well


nice to know that!
did you managge to change patterns with the foot controller?
can u explain me how?
thanks man!

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yeah no problem,

with the foot controller you send a Program Change message to channel 11 (or whatever the octatrack’s auto channel is set to) with a value of 1 less than the pattern you want to switch to.

so a PC to Ch.11 with a value of 1 would switch to pattern 2 while a PC to Ch.11 with a value of 2 would switch to pattern 3

i think the easiest thing to forget is making sure the octatrack is set to receive program change data in the midi menu (press the function+mixer buttons, scroll down to Midi, then in Sync you’ll see it as the second box down on the righthand side, Ch AUTO RECV)


Thanks. Man. I Will try!!

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ever tried it with pickup machines?

yeah, it works for pickups


Sounds like a great purchase! Any chance you could do an overview of how you have it set up for Pickup Machines? I’m considering buying one to control almost exclusively Pickups, but I haven’t seen anyone go into detail on how they set up the MC6 in the editor.

I just bought the mk2 a few weeks ago, it’s easy to setup. But both my OT and the Morningstar are still boxed whilst we are moving.

Possibly in a few days I can get you details/screenshots.



That would be great, much appreciated!

Yeah, I’d suggest checking out this video

I basically have a bank on the MC6 with foot switches sending midi notes 60, 64, etc to record the active pickup track. But I might try to dissuade you from using the octatrack as a foot switch controlled loop box for two reasons. First, no matter what there’s going to be some delay from the time you hit the MC6 and when the pickup starts recording. This happens with other midi controllers too, so the MC6 is not to blame. That along with the fact the octatrack has no easy undo function definitely makes looping pickups in that way risky. I’ve had a lot more luck pairing the octatrack with a midi controlled loop pedal. But if you’re not too worried about getting precise loops the first time you should be alright :slight_smile:


Thanks mate, I’ve been trying out Andre and a few others’ tutorials to get a handle on looping with the OT. I’m not as worried about responsiveness from a footswitch as I’ll likely be syncing it to other Static machines for rhythm and using PLEN & QLEN to help sync things up. I use a Ditto X2 & Boomerang III for the main looper duties, but neither of those can really do the slicing/resampling/etc. that you can do on the OT. I’d like to have dedicated control of recording so I can layer drums & guitar for slicing, but I’ll probably do the majority of the loops on the Boomerang (MIDI synced to the OT).

Yep Ot is unique for that, and I plan to change patterns to stop and keep a constantly recording loop, rather than start stop recordings when I will do such things again (realtime guitar processing / sequencing by OT only, no samples) :

The idea is to have a constantly recording track recorder with a rec trig, and keep the loop by changing to another pattern without rec trig on that track, so that the loop is kept.
It can be a more advanced feature compared to regular loopers : you decide to keep the loop just at the end. :slight_smile:


Any chance you could describe how you exactly set that up for pickups?
I have tried this using the cc60 -61 and so on… on the auto channel.
The OT is receiving midi but nothing is being affected.
Whats this note value setting about? CC59 with value of 60…
…and how is this achieved with the MC6 midi editor?

You have CC number and values.
To mimic notes with CC59, you have to send the value corresponding to the note you want to mimic.

Ex : Combo Rec > CC59, value 60

I don’t know how you set values with MC6 (if possible).

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Thanks for your input…
I think I was getting confused with the Midi Note part.
The MC6 doesn’t send midi notes - so there for it is required to do the
CC59 value of 60 and so on… to mimic.
Well, I will try that tonight anyway and well see :slight_smile:

Sure it doesn’t send notes?

Yeah… pretty sure sethanonninny meant a generic CC number followed by the value (to mimic the note)
I can’t see any option to send actual note numbers… Just CC’s and Values.

What I mentioned above worked…
Tried it out last night… needs some fine tuning but almost there :slight_smile:

Apparently you can send notes…