More sounds per trig?

Is it possible to sequence more than one sound on the same trig/beat?


This is not possible. You can have multiple samples per track, but not multiple samples on the same step.

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Thank you. It’s a bit upsetting but logical in a way.

With a Digitakt, Octatrack, MD UW, or Analog Rytm MK2, you could resample a stack of more than one samples, and out the result on one track.

But Model Samples does not resample.

Sample locks on free steps on other tracks can bridge the gap if there’s a particular step you absolutely must hear two specific samples on. It’s a workaround, but where there’s a will, there’s a way :wink:

Have fun!

I was actually thinking of this and other turnarounds. Thank you!

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Another type of workaround is to use two adjacent trigs, and nudge them both early and late so that they basically play at the same time. However, the late one will cut off the early one, so this only works for trigs with very short decay times. I generally find using a retrig to be more useful than this technique.