More Midi in DT


Hi Guys
I need to put the midi out of my Minilogue in the MIDI in of DT as well as my 8track. How can I do this? Adapters, hubs, what’s your advice?



Use the Midi Thru Port of the DT!?

Midi Thru will just forward all incoming Midi data and spit it out of the Midi Thru Port.

Page 56 of the DT manual explains the setup in detail.

In general you just have to set Midi In to receive Midi data over Din Midi and the Thru Port to output midi.

If you want to combine the Midi Output of Minilogue and DT you need a Midi Merge Box, if you want the 8 track just to receive Midi from the Minilogue, setting DT to Midi Thru as described above is enough.